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Jul 3

Cafe Press canceled my order.  Using a picture of a celebrity violates their copyright stuff.  Does anyone know where I can go to make myself tee shirts with my favorite celebs and/or screen caps?  I love Cafe Press but I sure miss the days when they werent paying attention to that kind of thing (though I know its wrong).  I also know I just want some tee shirts with my favorite characters on them.

Seriously guys, if you change your URL just do a little post letting people know who you are now and who you used to be.  I just see random folks popping up on my dash and I’m like “when the hell did I follow this person”?

Dec 3

Anybody want to call me out of work? Just tell my boss that the zombie apocalypse has begun and I must do what is expected of me as a revolutionary. Tell him I’ll be in tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

OK, writing a one-shot (I think) preteen AU for Rossi and Strauss and dont know where to set it. They’re walking home from school. DC/Northern Virginia doesnt fit what I’m going for and New York is too big. I’ve set other AUs in small towns in Oregon and New Hampshire so I dont want to repeat myself and Erin mentions her mother waiting in the lobby of their building so it has to be somewhere there are large apartment buildings….I think, I could always change that. Any ideas?

Character Question

Is there an older woman character that I could use in my AU as a nanny/housekeeper? It doesnt really matter if she played that in the episode, I just need a good jumping off point. Dont want to use Louise, Declan’s nanny…just dont want to go there. I’m leaning toward Ms. Clemmons, the social worker in Solitary Man. That’s the kind of person I’m looking for.

Everyone in my office comes to me for help with words, phrases, etc. I just got one and I cant think. They want a word, just one word for a passing craze, a fad, a trend, that’s over before it even starts or in an instant. Can anyone help?

If I dont get a new name for this AU soon I’m gonna lose it. I listened to music all day and song lyrics didnt even help. Ugh *facepalm* I would like to have this conundrum solved by Monday. It doesnt have to be perfect but 850 Hours just does not work for me. Its getting bigger than that.

If anyone has a good reason to get me out of work today…I’m listening.