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Aug 3

Between Beyonce, Erin Strauss, and Tumblr, I’ve been up for two hours and havent eaten breakfast.

I’m tired and I’m frustrated and I’m hungry.

All of this sucks.

When you’re tired as hell but also hungry so you debate for a while and then trudge downstairs to the kitchen, wash the dishes first since the dishes are never washed, and make yourself a little brunch, and then someone brings their raggedy ass from upstairs or outside and they’re all like “damn, that smell good…can I get some?”

Gonna make a “broke man’s” steak and eggs.  I got some SteakUmms in the freezer.  I gotta do what I gotta do cuz I’m hungry.

Going through the food tags and just drooling.

I really want some cheese fries but the place I want them from doesnt deliver.

The struggle.

All the food we have downstairs from last night and all I’m craving is a giant pretzel.

ZOMG, now I am sooooooo hungry. Tumblr stop blogging delicious food!

I’m craving pizza so much.

I’m craving pizza so much.

Why couldnt the washer and refrigerator be in my bedroom? Tonight would be so much easier.