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For some reason my janky ass iTunes wont play Partition, Mine, or Blue, the three videos I want to see most from Beyonce.  The videos are the genius move, you quickly love the songs because you connect the words with visual images, even if you dont know what all the words are.  And the others videos are fuckin amazing.  I love No Angel, Drunk in Love, XO, Flawless…OMG fuckin Flawless is flawless.  But every time I go to play Partition, Mine, or Blue, I get the “your computer cant play this video”.  I paid for these bitch, are you serious?  Ugh, I need to see these videos dammit!

Dont play games with me iTunes, you know why I’m here.

Nov 4

Why in the hell does iTunes want $40.00 for the Season 2 Elementary pass?  That’s a little excessive dont you think?

Oct 6

Really fuckin boggled as to how The Concept disappeared from my iTunes and my iPod. I had to rectify that shit.

This weekend I’m gonna rebuild a lot of my iTunes shipper playlists.  I dont know what the hell happened to them (damn iTunes 11) but I’m gonna redo them more thoroughly and awesomely than before and I will rule the world!!!!

Guess who trouble shot her iTunes/external hard drive/computer problem and fixed it all by herself?  That’s right, it was me.  And even though I had to pay $20 to iTunes support to not really help, Joe was nice and if I hadnt been talking to him I never would’ve stopped to think about what might really be the problem.  Self-reliant…FUCK YEAH!!!!

Jun 8

I’ve got all my iTunes saved on an external hard drive.  I’m trying to hook up the external to my new laptop so I can watch my shows and stuff.  I downloaded iTunes onto my new laptop.  Can anyone help with what to do next?  Ugh…I hate technology.

Why does iTunes think its OK to only have the 5 minute version of I Would Do Anything for Love (but I wont do that) on sale? Its not OK!!!

May 5

As soon as I pumped iTunes full of my $50 gift card, I immediately forgot every song, TV show, and movie I ever liked.

Dec 2

Dammit I wanna watch Season 9 of Grey’s but shouldnt buy another show on iTunes.