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Feb 4

I just posted a photoset of Prentiss reacting to having to “snuggle” up to Karl Arnold to get information in Outfoxed.  She seemed sickened by the entire encounter and said “getting intimate with a killer is so…different”. 

There are those who would, in hindsight I think, look at this as proof of what is later revealed as her past with Ian Doyle.  Like she was having bad memories, flashbacks or something.  I look at it as proof that the “Emily is a super secret agent” storyline was trash.

Characters in your head keeping you up when you’re supposed to be in bed because you have work in the morning

Like 13 year old Emily Prentiss and almost 19 year old Ian Doyle smoking overpriced illegal cloves while discussing Lolita complexes, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones on cable vs. the books.

This is the kind of shit that can keep me up at night. A writer’s mind rarely rests. Sometimes not even when its on Ambien.

What slays me about this scene is Emily and Ian go at each other like an old married couple who are clearly in love but have their issues with each other.  Some people might not agree but he gives everyone in the FBI his ass to kiss and then Emily Prentiss walks into the room.  He thought he killed her a few months back, thought she deserved it, and she walks into the room.  She starts asking him questions and he just answered all of them.  They bantered back and forth, she basically told him he was talking shit and he was a piece of shit, and he tried to justify things he did to her, but in the end he gave her every bit of information they needed to save Declan’s life.

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(Source: em-ily-pren-tiss)

(Source: em-ily-pren-tiss)

Valhalla: the hall of Odin into which heroes slain in battle and others who have died bravely are received.

Valhalla: the hall of Odin into which heroes slain in battle and others who have died bravely are received.

Aug 4

New Fic

When teenage Emily met 20 something Ian Doyle.  This is my 450th fic on AO3 and my 118th in the Thicker than Water universe.  I cant even believe I just wrote those words…this universe is my baby.

It’s probably a really bad idea for teenage Emily Prentiss to meet Ian Doyle in the Thicker than Water universe.  And that’s probably why the idea wont leave my head.