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Feb 8


Imagine person A of your OTP is busy on their laptop/computer at their desk and person B is feeling kind of horny. When person A waves person B off, telling them they’re busy, person B gets underneath the desk and starts caressing person A’s thighs and crotch (optionally: whispering how much they want it right now, if that’s in-character). Person A gets turned on as well and person B goes down on person A. Eventually person A gives in and pulls person B up from underneath the desk, resulting in a hot messy scene on top of the desk in the end.


Imagine your otp getting drunk and cooking together.

Cue the fire department.

Crazy for this Girl is the new Rossi/Strauss AU created after I read the post from imagineyourotp, “Imagine your OTP as small children playing on a playground together one sunny day after school is over. Person A falls and scrapes their knees and hands up and Person B is there to save the day and bandages the wounds. Person A gives person B a peck on the cheek after he/she is done.”

Its not the post to a tee but my imagination ran away as soon as I saw it.