Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


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I fantasize a lot about Victor Garber and Rainer Andreesen cuddling on rainy New York or Toronto mornings, having amazing sex, pillow talk, and then coffee and the paper in bed with lots of pillows and I’m clearly insane but I regret none of it.

So This Happened…

I took two guest stars that people probably couldnt pick out in a lineup and I paired them in an AU.  My imagination is a funny, weird, insane, lovely, intriguing thing.  With my luck I’m going to fall in love with these two.

What if Rossi and Strauss were star crossed lovers, stuck between their fathers’ rival German-American and Italian-American mobs of the 1930s in New York? Yeah, that just came to mind as I was out freezing my ass off smoking a cigarette.

Dec 1

In other news, I finally figured out which family Rossi, Blake, and Reid will belong to. I’m going with the Copelands from What Fresh Hell? I’m just going to put the parents back together, because they still loved each other, and give the little girl a brother because three dogs and two kids is an adventure right?

The BAU as house pets….the cats. Prentiss as a black American short hair, Elle as a gray American short hair, Garcia as a gray and black tabby, JJ as an orange tabby, and Gideon as a Russian Blue.

The BAU as house pets…the dogs. Hotch as a Black Lab, Rossi as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Alex as a Brittany, Morgan as a Rottweiler, Strauss as a Cocker Spaniel (this one might change), and Spencer as a Beagle pup.

My Imagination like WHOA!

While washing my face in the bathroom a few minutes ago I got a very vivid image of Jason and Emily fucking on the conference room table at the end of Distress after the Charlie Chaplin movie ends and then everyone goes home while she stays to clean up. Then she walks out, totally looking like she just had sex, and Hotch is still there. This should be very interesting thoughts to have while nomming turkey with the fam.

Nov 3

Sometimes I still pretend I’m a ballerina. Some dreams just never go away.

She calls him David…in my head she always calls him David.

Oct 8

More stuff came into my head for my new AU last night and while I’m totally appreciative, getting the end of the story in full color without even knowing how in the hell you might get there…that’s a motherfucker.