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Oct 4


The BAU as Greek gods and goddesses

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New Fic

My Wife and Kids is the latest California Dreaming fic as I go on this last run of Criminal Minds fic.  And in a surprising twist, I may have a new idea for my Pet Sounds series, I really thought I was done with that one.


I wrote this and it made me giggle rereading it. I think Dave and Jason should be besties in every AU ever written.

“I think Erin wants to tell me something but can’t. Do you have any idea…?” 


“That was quick.” Dave looked at him. 

“I’m friends with both of you. I don’t want, no scratch that, I will not be in the middle of anything. I mean that whether it’s good or bad.” 

“You’re like a brother to me.” 

“You already have four brothers and countless problems with all of them.” Jason said. “I would rather be your best friend, thank you.”

Sep 9

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Sep 7
Encouraged by my anon to express my love for Jason Gideon.

Encouraged by my anon to express my love for Jason Gideon.

Strange, crazy ridiculous dream last night, as they tend to be.  This time I was Nia Long and I was in the BAU teamed with Gideon and we had to go and get Frank out of a Hannibal Lecter type place because he had to help us work a case.  A lot of the dream was me road tripping with Gideon and his nemesis.  At one point we had to run up like 9 flights of stairs with Kevlar and guns drawn.  The rest of the team was there and Alex was the only one who helped me when I stumbled. 

Then the serial killer road trip thing turned into more of a Trains, Planes, and Automobiles type deal and got really strange.  Anyhoo, right before I woke up Nia Long (me) kissed Gideon and said “sometimes you want something you think is good.  It wont be so you just take that little piece that is and move on”.  I kinda know what that means.  I’ve now had more dreams about the BAU as a recovering fan of this damn show than I ever had while I was watching hardcore.

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I will always respect everyone’s right to their opinion on this but…Jason Gideon.






all of my love.