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I wanna post my new Kevin and Gina story but my fingers are tired.

I opened Microsoft Word two hours ago to write a story I was working on today.  Well, at least I managed to get the title down.

Why couldnt the washer and refrigerator be in my bedroom? Tonight would be so much easier.

Dec 2

Just downloaded the latest episode of Elementary…and I’m too tired to watch it.

Dec 2

The hardest part about writing a story is starting it. And I dont mean coming up with an idea to write about, I mean getting up off my ass and actually beginning to write or type. I might have three conversations going in my head at once and all I’m gonna do is lie here similar to a vegetable and hope they dont smite me and go away.

I want so bad to download at least the premiere of Elementary from iTunes. But OMG, my external hard drive is across the room and I’m under a warm blanket on my bed.

This story is sitting here staring at me, mocking me, saying “damn lazy, I’m not even asking you to finally write the last few scenes, I’m just wondering when you are going to actually put on the computer all the edits you worked so hard on”. Why is this feeling like homework?

I want to get that software where I can just talk and it’ll type everything onto a Word doc. Cuz I should totally be working on two stories but being on Tumblr is much less work.

Sep 5

I dont want to go to work today. I want to surf the web, lie in bed in pajamas, and write fanfic. How come I cant get paid to do that? Huh? What about my American dream, dammit!