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Parker + Glasses

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I really doubt that they had to do any acting for this part of the con.

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tv meme: ships
 parker and hardison (1/15)


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     You really never stood a chance.

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One of the best things about Leverage is the look that they all get on their faces when anyone who could be legitimately called a ‘kid’ gets involved.

The orphans.  The little car thief.  The son of the embezzler.  The kidnapped daughter.  ’There are wolves in the world’.

Every single one of them gets an expression of wistfulness, a soft-eyed, worried look that is two parts  ’omg pls like me' and one part 'omg pls be nothing like me’.  Nobody wants to protect kids more than people who had crappy childhoods.  Nobody wants to protect kids more than people who weren’t protected. 

It’s one of the ways you know who the good guys are.  They love and respect kids, and they will cut the knees out from under anyone who gives them grief.