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Grillows. <3

Jan 8

At one time I knew Lily Rabe was Jill Clayburgh’s daughter, then I forgot, now I remember again and love Lily even more because Jill is one of my all-time favorite actresses.

Oct 2

I live a Jayne Atkinson Appreciation life.

Everyone posting Erin/Jayne photosets and awesome artwork…I LOVE YOU!

Sam Rockwell dancing just hit my Top 10 list of best fuckin things ever.


"There had been romantic couples before, but Loy and Powell were something new and original. They actually made marital comedy palatable. I remember Bill Powell when he started out as a melodramatic actor. Then, by some alchemy, he suddenly became comic. But Myrna gave the wit to the whole thing. They hit that wonderful note because he always did a wee bit too much and she underdid it, creating grace, a charm, a chemistry."

George Cukor


Jayne Atkinson (and Charlayne Woodard)

What a Pair, 2007, performing “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from Sweet Charity

This made my day : )

Happy Birthday Jeanne!!!! (June 10th)

Happy Birthday Jeanne!!!! (June 10th)

Apr 3