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Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss

Criminal Minds - Season 7 - Hit/Run (2012)

Erin Strauss, BAU Section Chief

(2/18/59 - 5/22/13)

*dates based on Erin’s computer password being e_strauss218 (which is Jayne Atkinson’s birthday) and her death date being the date the horrid episode aired.

Sep 1

"That’s good enough for me."

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Top 10 Criminal Minds Minor Characters as voted by my followers:

6. Erin Strauss

pagetvbrewsterMateo Cruz or Erin Strauss asked by Anonymous

"You know you won’t be in charge?"

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I’ve decided that I don’t want Hotch’s office.That’s where he belongs. If necessary, we can discuss this again at a later date, but right now, we really need to get started on this case.

Criminal Minds - Season 5 - The Eyes Have It (2009)