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Rules: In a text post list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag ten friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them.

Sense and Sensibility: Jane Austen

Different Seasons: Stephen King

A Separate Peace: John Knowles

Anne of Green Gables: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel: Judith & Neil Morgan

Schindler’s List: Thomas Keneally

The Stepford Wives: Ira Levin

Harriet the Spy: Louise Fitzhugh

Black Boy: Richard Wright

High Fidelity: Nick Hornby

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Jan 1

2013 in Fanfiction

This is always such fun.

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  • 01: tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now?
  • 02: what on your body is hurting or bothering you?
  • 03: what was your last thought before going to bed last night?
  • 04: what are you listening to?
  • 05: what’s something you’re not looking forward to?
  • 06: where do you think your best friend is right now?
  • 07: have you kissed anybody in the last five days?
  • 08: sex on the first date?
  • 09: kiss on the first date?
  • 10: is there one person you want to be with right now?
  • 11: are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
  • 12: is there something you would like to say to someone?
  • 13: what are three things you did today?
  • 14: would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over?
  • 15: what is your favorite kind of gum?
  • 16: are you friends with any of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends?
  • 17: what is on your wrists right now?
  • 18: ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with?
  • 19: does anyone have strong feelings for you?
  • 20: are you slowly drifting away from someone?
  • 21: have you ever wasted your time on someone?
  • 22: can you do the alphabet in sign language?
  • 23: how have you felt today?
  • 24: you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
  • 25: what is wrong with you right now?
  • 26: is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?
  • 27: would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now?
  • 28: why aren’t you in ‘love’ with your last ex anymore?
  • 29: how late did you stay up last night and why?
  • 30: when was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?
  • 31: what were you doing an hour ago?
  • 32: what are you looking forward to in the next month?
  • 33: are you wearing jeans right now?
  • 34: are you a patient person?
  • 35: do you think you can last in a relationship for three months?
  • 36: favorite color?
  • 37: did you have a dream last night?
  • 38: are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?
  • 39: if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be?
  • 40: do you love anyone who is not related to you?
  • 41: if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
  • 42: do you like meeting new people?
  • 43: are you afraid of falling in love?
  • 44: ever self-harmed or starved yourself?
  • 45: has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?
  • 46: have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?

I got questions for the meme.  Will answer tomorrow and thank you in advance for sending them to me.  Now I have to go to sleep : (

Blab, shh

Blab: Three secrets I’m keeping.

Well, they’re not exactly secrets if I blab them but…1) most people in my offline life dont know I’m bisexual. 2) Its been 7 and a half years since I’ve had sex. 3) Sometimes I wear the same socks two days in a row.

Shh: Three Things I wouldnt want my parents to know.

1) the amount of porn I look at (and I should state I dont look at it due to lack of sex…its complicated). 2) how much money I can spend on the things I love (though my mom kinda knows). 3) anyone I had sex with.

Fanfic Asks!



1. Do you read fic? Do you write fic?

2. Favorite genre of fic?

3. Favorite fandom?

4. Favorite pairing?

5. Favorite fic author?

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

7. One-shots or longfic?

8. Do you read WIPs?

9. What is the longest fic you’ve read?

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

11. Least favorite trope/element/scenario?

12. What turns you away the most from a fic?


13. Has a fic ever made you cry?

14. What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

15. Do you mind when characters cry?

16. How do you feel about character death in fic?

17. Any characters who you can’t stand to see in pain?

18. Favorite angst fic?


19. Do you read porn or does it make you uncomfortable?

20. Do you like PWPs?

21. How and when did you get introduced to smut fic? Any horror stories?

22. Biggest turn-ons in fic?

23. Biggest turn-offs in fic?

24. Do you have any dirty kinks that you’re ashamed of?

25. Any kinks that you’d love to try in real life?

26. Any kinks that you don’t want to try in real life (but are still hot in a fanfic)?

27. Rough sex or gentle sex?

28. How do you feel about masturbation in fic?

29. How do you feel about non-con and dub-con?

30. Favorite porn fic?


31. Do you read AUs?

32. Favorite AU tropes?

33. Least favorite AU tropes?

34. Do you like UAs (universe-alterations, when the main universe and characters are the same but one plot point/decision/outcome is altered)?

35. Do you like high school and college AUs?

36. Do you like crossovers? If so, favorite crossover?

37. How do you feel about parent!fics/lovechildren? How about mpreg?

38. How do you feel about genderbending? De-aging? Animalizing?

39. Favorite AU fic?


40. Do you like fluff?

41. Favorite fluffy tropes?

42. Least favorite fluffy tropes?

43. Do you like fluff on its own or in conjunction with other elements (angst, sex, etc.)

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

45. Favorite fluff fic?


  • 1: What are you wearing?
  • 2: Ever been in love?
  • 3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
  • 4: How tall are you?
  • 5: How much do you weigh?
  • 6: Any tattoos do you want?
  • 7: Any piercings that you want?
  • 8: OTP?
  • 9: Favorite Show?
  • 10: Favorite bands?
  • 11: Something you miss?
  • 12: Favorite song?
  • 13: How old are you?
  • 14: Zodiac sign?
  • 15: Hair Color?
  • 16: Favorite Quote?
  • 17: Favorite singer?
  • 18: Favorite color?
  • 19: Loud music or soft?
  • 20: Where do you go when you're sad?
  • 21: How long does it take you to shower?
  • 22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  • 23: Ever been in a physical fight?
  • 24: Turn on?
  • 25: Turn off?
  • 26: The reason I joined Tumblr?
  • 27: Fears?
  • 28: Last thing that made you cry?
  • 29: Last time you cried?
  • 30: Meaning behind your url
  • 31: Last book you read?
  • 32: Last song you listened to?
  • 33: Last show you watched?
  • 34: Last person you talked to?
  • 35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
  • 36: Favorite food?
  • 37: Place you want to visit?
  • 38: Last place you were?
  • 39: Do you have a crush?
  • 40: Last time you kissed someone?
  • 41: Last time you were insulted and what was it?
  • 42: What color underwear are you wearing?
  • 43: What color shirt are you wearing?
  • 44: What color bottoms are you wearing?
  • 45: Wearing any bracelets?
  • 46: Last sport you played?
  • 47: Last song you sang?
  • 48: Last prank call you remember doing?
  • 49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
  • 50: Favorite movie?

derekspenny asked me to answer the same questions I gave her on the Cool Questions meme.  So…..

6. What is your opinion of Canada?  I want to visit more places there and would love to eventually settle in Toronto because they have coffee, food, and a variety of cultures…three of my favorite things.

23. What was your last date like?  It wasnt a date but cute work guy and I went out and I got drunk off flirtinis and rambled on and on about everything from sexuality to family to fanfic.  We’re doing it again on Tuesday so I guess I didnt completely scare him to death.

37. What song did you recently get tired of due to its overplaying?  Um, I rarely listen to new stuff and my radio is on the oldies station but I have skipped a few of my faves on my iPod this week like Sugarland’s Stay, Pantera’s Walk, and James Taylor’s Your Smiling Face.

48. What is your favorite vegetable?  Potatoes.

Aug 4

I was tagged by rachelsolando to answer these 11 questions.

1. If you could get a tattoo what would you get? I already have 4 tattoos.  The next one will be the name Sam on my left wrist.

2. What is your idea of a perfect day?  Sleeping in, pouring rain, coffee in bed, writing, watching a favorite movie, and just relaxing.

3. If you could meet any famous person, living or dead, who would it be? This is always a tough question.  Ugh.  OK, I am torn between Paget Brewster and Jayne Atkinson because I love them and want to hug them and tell them how much I love them.  Dead famous person, I would have to pick Robert B. Parker.

4. What subjects interest you?  History, Writing, Music

5. Which movie have you viewed the most times? The Thin Man, Hannah and Her Sisters, Shadowlands, and Antonia’s Line probably.  Oh, and Galaxy Quest and The Color Purple.  I know all the lines from these films.

6. What is your dream vacation?  London, and I really want to return to Toronto…most amazing vacation ever.

7. What is one thing you’d like to get better at doing?  Art and computer graphics so I can make cool fan art.

8. Do you prefer Batman or Superman? Superman.

9. Which book have you read the most times?  I dont really reread books but I’ve reread portions of Happy are Those Who Thirst for Justice so many times.  I fell in love with reading about Mary Kate and Joe falling in love.  Its one of the most perfect pieces of writing to me.

10. Have you gone skydiving?  If not, do you want to?  No, and no.

11. What is the best costume you’ve worn for Halloween? Uhura from Star Trek.

meet the blogger

  • do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed?   closed
  • do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? no
  • where is your next vacation? I’m going to Salt Lake City for my 35th Birthday.
  • who do you think reads these? I dont know but they’ll learn something about me if they do.
  • do you have a calendar in your room? no.
  • what’s your plan for the day?  I’m about 2 hours from bed so I’ll hang on Tumblr and maybe read some fic on AO3.
  • are you reading any books right now? The new Spenser novel, which I promptly forgot the name of.  Its the first written since Robert B. Parker’s death, by Ace Atkins.
  • do you ever count your steps when you walk? Yes.
  • do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing? I always dance at the copier at work.  I just cant sit still.
  • do you chew your pens and pencils?  Not anymore.
  • what is your “song of the week”? As Long as It Matters by the Gin Blossoms
  • is it okay for guys to wear pink? Yes, and some look excellent in it : )
  • do you still watch cartoons? I have cartoon DVDs.  I’m about to get back into Speed Racer, I got the entire series.
  • what do you drink with dinner? Orange soda or iced tea at home.
  • what do you dip chicken nuggets in?  honey mustard or sweet and sour sauce.
  • what is your favorite food/cuisine? I love pizza and baked chicken and macaroni and cheese.
  • what movies could you watch over and over and still love?  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Thin Man, Shadowlands, Sense and Sensibility, The Silence of the Lambs, the list is endless.
  • when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Oh wow, I think I was still in high school so at least 20 years.
  • can you change the oil on a car? No.
  • best thing to eat for breakfast? I love cereal or sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches.
  • what is your usual bedtime? 10:30 or 11 o’clock.
  • are you lazy? I wish I wasnt.
  • afraid of heights? Yes and no.
  • occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?  The first thing I ever wanted to be was a photojournalist for National Geographic…then a ballerina.
  • hot tea or cold tea: cold tea
  • tea or coffee? Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • favorite kind of cookie? sugar or snickerdoodle.
  • can you swim well? Yes.
  • can you hold your breath without manually holding your nose? Yes.
  • who do you want to see right now? Neal, always Neal. 

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