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Spent my day watching some movies from my childhood (Superman, Superman II, The Omen) to see if they held up.  And I live tweeted them.  I need to spend more Sundays like that.

I love how I keep seeing Nicki Minaj in so much print advertisement for this horrible looking movie, The Other Woman but she’s not in a single TV ad I’ve seen and I bet she’s in the movie for a combined total of nine minutes, if that much.

irriesh said: Let me watch all of them first

I’m biased but I think you will enjoy them all : )

My birthday in April, Maleficent in May, and Wizard World Philly in June…this spring is gonna rock so hard!!!

When you get that crush on the character actor/actress who kinda shows up in things and you’re like *UNF* every time you see them but dont know their name (or can never remember it) for the longest time but dont care because its like a little slice of happiness when they show up on a show you always watch or in a movie where you never expected to see them.

If you could recommend one movie for my viewing pleasure, for any reason, what would it be and why?

Capote is back on Netflix!!! I will be watching it again.

Mar 9

There’s a preview for Mandela on my 12 Years a Slave DVD and all I was thinking while watching it was “Hell no, I cannot see that movie right now…I will burn some shit down”.

Mar 9

I just finished 12 Years a Slave…I’m pretty much just moved to silence.  My hands shake as I type this.  I want to read the book but know I could never make it through such a thing.  It was a beautifully done film, Steve McQueen gets all of my respect, Chiwetel Ejiofor gets all of my respect, Lupita Nyong’o gets all of my respect, Brad Pitt gets all of my respect.  It was a human story, an American story, and it took a long time to be told but it was told in so profoundly a way as to never be forgotten.

Just watched Big Trouble in Little China on Netflix.  I’ve loved that movie since I was a kid.