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Murry is making macaroni and cheese.

The first picture is the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and that’s how close I sat to Itzhak Perlman today.  The second is a selfie of Murry and I, she’s my mom, waiting for the show to start.  It was amazing, everything I dreamed it would be and more.  I am so happy right now : )

Oct 9

Murry and I have decided to watch Criminal Minds tonight after skipping last week.  I hope its worth it.

arathesane said: I can see Gideon being into it. And I cannot imagine having a conversation with my mom about a fictional character and their sexual likes. Not even the pegging thing, just in general.

My mom and I talk about fic and fandom all the time, its probably what we talk about the most.  I find its better to talk about thigngs that arent so serious than dig too deep and go places I dont want to.  Plus she reads my fic, AUs only as she doesnt want my fanon and timelines and stuff messing up her brain on shows she actually watches (that and she gets pissed when the pairings she loves in the stories arent canon).  She has all of my Criminal Minds AUs on her Kindle.

I wish I could remember how we got on the subject of pegging.  I think it was a Hotch fic I read and I said I dont think he would be into that, Murry agreed, and we both said at the same time “Gideon would!”  It was like ten minutes later I realized she knew what it was and I got kinda squicky.  That made her laugh.

God bless my mother for listening to me fangirl about any and everything.  She deserves some kind of medal for fangirling by proxy.  Poor woman.

Murry bought me Crunch Berries for my four day weekend!!!!

Murry commented this week while watching Criminal Minds that Jeanne Tripplehorn has great hair.  I concur Murry, I concur.

Not only did my mother know what pegging was but we both agreed, “Yeah, Gideon would be into something like that”.  Why do I do these things to myself?

Yes, I do talk to my mother about smutty fanfiction. No, not my own but other people’s. And yeah we talk about what some characters are probably into and what some are definitely not. I went through five years of therapy to be able to have a decent conversation with my mother and it’s become whether Hotch has indulged in hardcore porn or not.

Jan 8

My mom and I chatted tonight about our Criminal Minds headcanons over dinner tonight. Good times.