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Oct 8

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citymusings said: If you’re going to let them go, Sam and Jessie probably need a really sweet ending. Years down the road, when the last kid moves out or something. If you’re feeling it.

ZOMG, Clo, you are killing me.  I would probably cry all the way through it even though it would be a happy ending.  God, didnt this ship come out of nowhere and even though I dont always talk about it, they probably are my favorite favorite : )

Sep 3



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Sep 2

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Thrilling Adventure Hour | 08.02.14

Beyond Belief with Paul F. Tompkins & Paget Brewster

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Emmy weekend is HERE! And Jayne and Michel are off and running! 



Jayne and Michel at the Emmys reception

Television Academy

Rossi & Strauss + Negative Space requested by arathesane

Rossi & Strauss + Negative Space requested by arathesane

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Hotch/Prentiss moments [Part 4].

I miss them so much!!!