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Paul & Paget, 3.5.14


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I am going to burn in Hell


I am going to burn in Hell

Apr 2

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I think now is the perfect time to once again bitch about the lack of decent Rossi/Strauss scenes and screen caps in the Criminal Minds canon universe.  The hard times would be much easier to handle if I had soft pillows of awesome quips and pics and banter to fall back on. 

I guess the worse part for me is when it was all said and done, and its definitely said and done now…it was just wasted potential.  Utterly wasted potential for awesome.  That’s probably the saddest part of the whole story.  Well that and the couple was more canon in interviews with writers and producers than they ever were onscreen.  OK, I’m depressing myself, I’m gonna go read a fic before bed.

Cher and Peter Cetera will always give me Rossi/Strauss feels. Not that it takes a lot to get Rossi/Strauss feels.


Erin Strauss and David Rossi

Criminal Minds, Season 6, 25 to Life

Mar 6

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