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When you’ve written an OC so much in your fanfiction that you forget they werent actually on the show.

When you write fanfiction and start to get into the lives of these characters beyond canon, more characters are always going to show up.  Most often these characters are originals…filling the holes in the character’s lives that canon stories may create.  I hold dear every original character I ever wrote but I think my all-time favorite (arguably) might be Special Agent William Grayson, who became CJ’s primary Secret Service agent after the death of Simon Donovan. 

I wrote a lot of stories about CJ with Bill right smack in the middle but the one closest to my heart is He Wouldn’t Say He’s Anything Special.  I know they didnt need a relationship like this in canon, especially after Simon’s death, but I wished for a character like Bill so it was easy to create one in her life.

OK, now I want to take the OCs who are the main characters in the possible 4th fic in the Blood of my Blood series and write at least a novella on their entire backstory.

rebakitt3n said: I do that. I think even if you don’t use it, somehow it fills out the character and you find they do certain things because of the backstory. I dunno, maybe that doesn’t make any sense.

Oh no, it makes perfect sense.  The more the gaps were filled in about certain aspects of Paloma’s life as I daydreamed today, the road the story was taking started curving and now I’m someplace awesome but had no idea I would be and sure I wouldnt if she hadnt started opening her life to me today.

I’m building a whole back story in my head for Paloma that I’m probably never going to get an opportunity to use.

Biggest issue with Blood of my Blood possible #4…the two main characters would be OCs.  Now if people read my work the OCs would be immediately recognizable to them, and there will be plenty of CM main characters in the mix.  In the end, I dont care, I write for my own adventures and enjoy when others decide to take the ride with me.  But I know OCs dont usually get a lot of love.  If this story decides to cooperate (the beginning is already mostly solid in my mind) I’m running with it.  Case fic/AU/supernatural elements…I guess I plan to spend the summer turning my brain into Puppy Chow.

May 1

Am I a dork for giving my OC the last name Watson so that Gideon can say “c’mon Watson, lets go places”?  Dont answer that.

captainhera said: ahh, Jack is really growing on me… as much as I love Dave, I’m starting to root for him… this series is really going to be interesting!!!! great job! :)

I really like Jack as well and this series is just as much about developing a character as it is having an adventure with two well-established characters.  I honestly didnt expect to fall for him as I have but hell, he’s mine, I dont know why I thought I wouldnt.  I’m glad you like him too : )

Alisha Braverman, Alex Blake’s wife, really likes the song Single Ladies. And that’s what I learned while working to work this morning.