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The Norwegian Elkhound.  This might be a good dog for James.

New Fic

Capo Della Famiglia is the latest in the Pet Sounds universe, where the BAU are dogs and cats.  This fic shows the dynamic of family with Rossi, Blake, and Spencer.

What kind of dog would James Blake be?

OMG, the Pet Sounds dogs are in my head!  I was just about to take my Ambien and go to sleep.  Let me see what I can write down first.

I’m over here reading an old Pet Sounds story and getting emotional over some damn cats falling in love.  Lord have mercy.

My crazy brain keeps calling Gideon the cat Giddy Kitty.

Jan 6

I wrote fic!

Kitty Gideon and Prentiss continue to develop feelings in Maybe We Could Leave Here and No One Would Know.

Jan 6

I wanted to write Rossi/Strauss and ended up writing Gideon/Prentiss in the Pet Sounds universe. That’s not even remotely similar. I guess they wanted their story told first.

Jan 3

New Fic

In the Name of Love…or Something Like That is Pet Sounds #10. Tabby!Penelope might be my new favorite character to write. I have such fun with these stories.

I’m writing a story of tabby!Penelope in a tutu. She’s so adorable.