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Jul 8

I have a title, On the Eighth Day, and I have little glimmers of a plot but not much yet.  Its rare that the title comes before the story.

May 5

I had a kickass AU idea as I was falling asleep last night.  And I wanted to get up and write it down but on Ambien its not easy, once you’re in sleep’s arms you’re a goner.  And as I was falling I knew I would forget it and I was so sad.  I woke up this morning, and nothing but whispers of it are left.

Of course I was also on sleeping pills so it might have been the dumbest idea ever.  There is that.

Two fics battling for supremacy in my head right now. One is simple and the other more complicated. I wanna get the simple one out of the way but the complicated one is wrapped around my brain like a vine. All I need is to get a few sentences out and its a go. So far…nothing.

I spent all day with the fam.  Target and BJ’s this morning, a hour at home to rest and eat, and then took the Nephew of Awesome to my grandma’s.  While I was out and about I got two pretty solid fic ideas and more on the kidnapped princess AU that I started, stopped, restarted, and stopped again like 2 years ago.  Good Saturday so far.

Feb 9

That strange feeling after you’ve written three or four stories and your brain just feels drained and there are little ideas, like spider veins, trying to creep around the surfaces but your brain keeps fizzing them out like, :go away right now, I’m kinda beat”.  Yeah, that’s where I am today.

Feb 1

I have to leave in like a half hour to pick up my nephew so of course my brain picks now to get a new story idea, and its for my OTP.  Brain, you suck.  Here’s to hoping it holds onto most of it until I get back.

I have a new Rossi/Strauss idea though its not an idea I havent had before with other ships.  I dont give a damn, I’m gonna see where it takes me.

Nov 1

arathesane said: Meant to type in “any” universe. I can kinda see it how you described it, in this AU. Can’t see it as sexual at all but I can see her being in love with him - in a way. More out of adoration than passion or something, that I could see.

Adoration, yes.  And she lost her father at an early age.  Also, Kirk doesnt try to get her naked and in bed immediately (like every man she knows except Jason), he doesnt at all.  He thinks she’s beautiful but loves her more because she’s smart and funny and kind and he sees things in her that she might not even see in herself and she’s attracted to that.  They’re good for each other, just like in “canon”, bring out the best in each other.

It’s New Year’s Eve 1979, Jason Gideon and Erin Strauss are doing coke and drinking champagne in some dimly lit library on the Upper West Side talking about celibacy, the Reagan era to come, and possibly “gay cancer”.  It’s not just a new decade, its a whole new world.

Got in bed, pulled the covers up to my chin, turned on my side, and closed my eyes. Thurty seconds later Erin starts talking in my head. I knew from her faint British accent she wasnt my Erin. No, she was a two time Tony winner circa late 70s/early 80s who is watching folks spiral out of control while she yearns for more stability. And on the fringes of this, people are getting unexplained illnesses. New York and the life of Erin Strauss and those she holds dear, is at a crossroads. And I can’t write anymore because Ambien.