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The way Boehner just sits there, cold and stone faced like “fuck you bitch”, is so rude.  You dont have to support all of the President’s policies but he is the President of the United States and people all over the world watch his State of the Union. 

You’re showing them that the country is having a damn civil war in the highest echelons of its existence.  You’re showing them that the legislation you refuse to pass or even acknowledge is because of personal beefs.  You’re showing them that you have no respect for the voice/needs of the American people who clearly elected him, and you as well.  That shit is sickening to me.

Oct 5

New Fic

Erin Strauss is not at all fond of the current political climate in DC.  Now her husband thinks it might be a good idea to jump in the deep end without a life vest.

Jun 9

It’s just not clear that it would occur to anybody to vote for him. We’ve got to persuade people he’s substantial. Ask people to describe their impressions of Matt Santos in one word…

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I dont just get angry when these GOP yahoos insult the President for hoots and claps from their fan base because I see it as steeped in racism (which it is) but I get pissed off because they’re also insulting the 60 some-odd million people who voted for him (of all races and colors and creeds) as if we’re a bunch of fuckin idiots fooled by a charlatan and people like Sarah Palin can show us the light.  You’ve got to be fuckin kidding me.

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden on the campaign trail, 2008.

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden on the campaign trail, 2008.

Dec 2

Speaker Boehner rejects the White House fiscal cliff plan. He called it “silliness”. Has their plan changed from higher taxes for the people who can actually afford it to something else because I dont see anything silly about that?

First its “lets pray for the President to do a good job”. Then its all “he won because he gave/offered gifts to minorities”. Flip-flopper Mitt strikes again. What a douche.

Nov 9

I want to crack up and laugh at the White People Mourning Romney Tumblr but some of the words on there actually just make my stomach sick.