Um...Quinn's Cousin, or Somebody


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You know what would be awesome? If water had caffeine in it. That way I could be getting two things I really need at the same time. Someone needs to start working on that.

I think the reason Dahlias and Quarter Moons in my Pet Sounds has so many hits on AO3 is because Reid is in it (it has almost double the hits of any of the other fics in the series) and something about that ticks me off. I’m always happy for people to read my stories, that’s not what I’m saying, its just funny that the one story with Reid (who I almost never write about) attracts the most readers. You know, funny in that not at all funny way.

Its going to be interesting to see the storyline of how they keep Joan and Sherlock together when her sober companion time runs out. Also, its really weird to me that he calls her Ms. Watson, I know she let her license expire but she’ll always be Dr. Watson to me.

There’s no way Bruce Banner’s pants would stay on. There’s just no way. I even thought that was weird on the TV show as a kid.