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This post of mine has over 200 likes.  I know that’s not a damn thing compared to some but I made it over a year ago and had no idea.  It’s a mighty fine post if I do say so myself.

These Tumblr changes, which are annoying on my laptop, kick ass on my mobile. Go figure.

Does anyone know the mods for criminalmindstfln?  I’ve submitted many posts to the blog, both recently and in the past but they’ve never been posted.  I then sent an ask asking if they had been received and if I was doing something wrong but never got a response.  Then I see other posts there.  So I would love to contact someone to see if my posts are just in queue or what.  Help would be appreciated.  Thanks : )

Dec 8


I see posts of characters I love but they’re shippy so I dont feel comfortable reblogging it because I dont ship it. I just love the characters.