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Aug 3

I have 2 fic spots left in the quest to get to 1200.  I want one of those to be a Handerson fic since my boys have become such a big part of my writing lately.  I thought I had a good idea but it didnt really come together like I wanted it to.  Anderson/Handerson fans, or friends who just want me to write a story, throw me some prompts.  Nothing special, one word or phrase is usually all I need to get the party started.  Thanks : )

You guys!!!!!!

Reply/reblog this post with words or phrases.  I’m in the mood to write some ficlets tonight.  And no, I dont care about ships or characters, just give me words and phrases.  The characters will probably work the rest out themselves.  Please and thank you.

Handerson prompts!!!!!!!!!!

Gimme some love y’all…I wanna write my boys.

Aug 7

Looking to write some of my OTP so I’m requesting prompts.  I usually work well with non-specific prompts, like a word or a song lyric or something but I’d love to see what you guys can come up.  I’m looking to have some fun in any universe.

captainhera said: hadn’t you just written that 10 parts masterpiece of “It happened one summer” (brava!brava!BRAVA!!!!) I’d have suggest a ff set in the past… so… maybe you could write about Erin thinking about her best/worst b-days while looking at presents of the past… from her…

I have never had an actual birthday prompt before.  People just usually give me words or phrases, sometimes even song lyrics, and hopefully the characters talk to me.  I sometimes feel if the prompt is too specific the characters arent going to be able to take me on a ride. 

Also, super duper glad that you liked that story because I loved writing it : )

Story time

Monday is Jayne Atkinson’s birthday.  I always write a fic for her based on a prompt.  My usual prompter isnt around so here I am on Tumblr asking for you guys to come through for me once again. 

I need an Erin Strauss prompt (or a Rossi/Strauss prompt).  I would prefer not to write angst but if you have an idea I’ll think about it.  I just want to write Erin.  Thanks in advance : )

It’s been such an amazing weekend writing and I’ve had a blast.  I’m still taking prompts if anyone wants to throw me one.  Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, and Gideon/Prentiss.  Of course gen fic with the characters is good for me too, as long as its not the Strauss-Blake confrontation…I have no idea how that’s going to go.

hotchskotch, you have a fic.  Hotch, Beth, and talk of pigtails…I hope you like it.

Feb 8

New Fic

Hotch and Beth talk about his dad. This one is for you, sciencegurl : )

Feb 8

I’m currently accepting Criminal Minds prompts if anyone is interested in throwing me one (some). I write Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, and Gideon/Prentiss. Rare pairs, yeah, but I still love them. Also I have no problem with character based gen fic but know I dont write Reid. So if you wanna…..yeah…..