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Handerson prompts!!!!!!!!!!

Gimme some love y’all…I wanna write my boys.

Aug 7

Looking to write some of my OTP so I’m requesting prompts.  I usually work well with non-specific prompts, like a word or a song lyric or something but I’d love to see what you guys can come up.  I’m looking to have some fun in any universe.

captainhera said: hadn’t you just written that 10 parts masterpiece of “It happened one summer” (brava!brava!BRAVA!!!!) I’d have suggest a ff set in the past… so… maybe you could write about Erin thinking about her best/worst b-days while looking at presents of the past… from her…

I have never had an actual birthday prompt before.  People just usually give me words or phrases, sometimes even song lyrics, and hopefully the characters talk to me.  I sometimes feel if the prompt is too specific the characters arent going to be able to take me on a ride. 

Also, super duper glad that you liked that story because I loved writing it : )

Story time

Monday is Jayne Atkinson’s birthday.  I always write a fic for her based on a prompt.  My usual prompter isnt around so here I am on Tumblr asking for you guys to come through for me once again. 

I need an Erin Strauss prompt (or a Rossi/Strauss prompt).  I would prefer not to write angst but if you have an idea I’ll think about it.  I just want to write Erin.  Thanks in advance : )

It’s been such an amazing weekend writing and I’ve had a blast.  I’m still taking prompts if anyone wants to throw me one.  Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, and Gideon/Prentiss.  Of course gen fic with the characters is good for me too, as long as its not the Strauss-Blake confrontation…I have no idea how that’s going to go.

hotchskotch, you have a fic.  Hotch, Beth, and talk of pigtails…I hope you like it.

Feb 8

New Fic

Hotch and Beth talk about his dad. This one is for you, sciencegurl : )

Feb 8

I’m currently accepting Criminal Minds prompts if anyone is interested in throwing me one (some). I write Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, and Gideon/Prentiss. Rare pairs, yeah, but I still love them. Also I have no problem with character based gen fic but know I dont write Reid. So if you wanna…..yeah…..

I’m in the mood to write Hotch and Beth but my brain feels like mush. If anyone wants to give me some prompts, I wouldnt be upset. I want to have some fun.

Aug 6

OK, I am having a shitty morning, forces have totally aligned against me and that sucks ass. If anyone wants, can you throw me some fic prompts? If I can get my characters chattering in my head maybe they can cull these urges I have to set my office on fire. Please help, I dont want to go to jail. I ship Hotch/Prentiss, Hotch/Beth, Gideon/Prentiss, Rossi/Strauss, can probably write JJ/Will, and maybe Hotch/Rossi but I make no promises on that cuz I dont write them often. Help?

Thanks so much to people for giving me prompts…I’m not going to take anymore Hotch/Prentiss though, cuz I dont want to be overwhelmed by them when I hardly write them anymore. But I definitely hope to write something for the H/Ps I already have. Thanks : )