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Apr 2

Made plans last week for drinks tonight with Paul (cute former work guy).  We hadnt seen each other for most of March because he was studying for his architecture test.  He passed part of his test, missed three questions on the other part, and will have to retake it.  We’ve had to reschedule plans three times lately for a variety of reasons, two coming from him (the one from me was weather related).  This time I got a guarantee of no rescheduling or cancellation from him.

This morning I got an apologetic email.  He has to reschedule tonight to next week.  His mother reminded him they had Phantom of the Opera tickets tonight.  She didnt remind him until late last night. 

How should I feel about this?  We’re just friends, nothing more.  And when we’re together there is no indication that he feels forced or obligated to continue our friendship or spend time with me.  In fact, he’s mentioned lately that he loves that he can open up and be real with me, that its refreshing not to have strings attached to that  He’s also a little scatterbrained, like most Math-minded people I know, when it comes to planning and making sure he doesnt double book dates or times. 

But my wonky ass brain is screaming “he doesnt like you and is looking for ways out of spending time with you”.  I’m trying to shut that shit down but its hard.  What do you guys think?  Would your brain go to the same place?

Should I do the five or so mini projects on my desk, which might take a little more than half my day, or should I just fuck it all and write this fic in my head?

If you could recommend one movie for my viewing pleasure, for any reason, what would it be and why?

Mar 3

QUESTION: I want to make a fanmix. What site can I use to put the music together and available for download?

Getting my Research On

I got myself together enough to do some research tonight.  The story will take place between the Duchy of Saxony and the Duchy of Bavaria (about 150 land miles) in the late 1500s, after the Reformation and the Thirty Years War that devastated the area.  Most of the royalty, characters from Criminal Minds, will of course be made up.  I’m working now on the waterways in that area so I can know the routes good and bad guys have to take in the journey to get the kidnapped princess back.

There will be small villages as they make their way through the two duchies and I’m probably going to use real German places or at least real German words on the places I make up.  I need to go Unsub shopping for the rest of the bad guys since there will be about 6 major ones used and I’ve only named Frank and Raphael.  I’ll also need other smaller characters, Sarah Morgan will definitely play a significant role in this fic.

Now that I have some information, at least the terrain doesnt seem so strange.  And if I want more I know where to research instead of having no damn clue.  So maybe it might be this story’s time after all.

One thing though, if anyone is reading this and has a good grasp on German history, what gods would be part of what they learned before the Holy Roman Empire took over.  Would they be Roman, Greek, Norse, a combination of all?  I know a certain god is going to figure heavily into this story and I want to make sure I get the mythology correct since so many other things will be on the fly.

Any help is surely appreciated.

What’s that bar called in the car that you hold on to for dear life when the driver turns too fast?

Art Question

I see a lot of cool pics on here where people have turned the photo all kinds of colors (pink, yellow, red).  I’ve been tinkering around on Paint.Net trying to find that but havent been successful.  If anyone can help please message me.  I tried the paint can but its not giving me what I need.  Thanks.

I need three things guys. How tall is Brian Appel? How tall is that kid who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf? If you were casting teenage Hotch who would come to mind? Please help…this is important.

Jan 4

Is Tumblr extremely slow to load or failing to completely load for anyone else today?  Its been doing it all day here.  I’ve had a few internet issues but my connection remains fair to good and other websites having been this bad.


OK, I write Criminal Minds AUs and when I write AUs I infuse canon things so that the reader feels comfortable with their beloved characters in a different world.  This AU is basically a play on the Nancy McKeon TV movie Comfort and Joy

OK, so Rossi and Strauss have adopted kids that will be other members of the BAU, I havent decided which yet (surely Penelope because she’s fun to write as a kid).  They have none biologically but I was wondering if I should make James (the son Rossi lost) be he and Erin’s lost son in this fic.  Is that in poor taste?  I dont even know why I’m asking but I’m asking and I would love to know what fic readers think.  Let me know.  Thank you.