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Can some gracious soul tell me where I can watch or download the new Doctor Who episode, preferably watch?  Please and thank you.

How do I do a fic warning for old dudes obsessed with bedding virgins and thoughts and conversations about of sexual assault while no actual assault takes place?  See this story is set in a past century so some men talked more openly about the violation of women.  I just want to know how I should warn people of a possible trigger when there is no overt act but much talk of it.

If I write a fanfiction within a fanfiction, how much of a nerd am I?

Question for people up on more things than I am…

Teenage Emily is bisexual in this story.  Is Erin thinking of her as queer (and my use of the word in her thoughts) the wrong thing to write?  Should I just write bisexual or can queer cover the entire spectrum of what non-straight people can be?

Don’t kill me…I really just want to know so I can write the story correctly.

Is grande-caps gone? 

Jul 3

Cafe Press canceled my order.  Using a picture of a celebrity violates their copyright stuff.  Does anyone know where I can go to make myself tee shirts with my favorite celebs and/or screen caps?  I love Cafe Press but I sure miss the days when they werent paying attention to that kind of thing (though I know its wrong).  I also know I just want some tee shirts with my favorite characters on them.

German friends….

Does Gone in the Night translate to “In der nacht verschwunden”.  What I love about the German language is that Google Translate is rarely right.  Its almost as bad as the Latin there.


Does anyone know the name of any of David Rossi’s other books, not Deviance?  I know Zoe had them all in her room in the episode Zoe’s Reprise and I know Jason Alexander’s characters was mad about his brother and himself were portrayed in one of Rossi’s books in Masterpiece.  Any help would be great before I scour the vastness of the online universe.

Legit question

How is teenage smut we may write not child porn?  Do all characters have to be the age of consent for wherever they live?  Do they have to follow the guidelines of consent laws if one of them is not (like the other person cant be more than three years older)?  I’m not talking about Lolita shit here I’m talking like two teens or someone in their teens and their partner maybe in their early twenties. 

I just wonder because a lot of people write it and then you see people going bonkers over shit like “barely legal” porn (not that I’m advocating that) but some of this fic I may write or read is along the same lines.  Do we treat it differently because a lot of the fic we consume is written by women (not to say that men cannot write good fic) for womens’ entertainment as opposed to porn being produced by men for mens’ entertainment?

I really want to know, this is a legitimate question and a concern when I write and read teen characters, particularly in fanfiction (and in fan culture) as opposed to original fic.

Quick Question…

Can I go to places like Staples and have a picture made poster size?  If not do you guys know of any national office supply or whatever chains where things like this are done?  Help.