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Feb 9

I want Rashida Jones to be my girlfriend. She’s available right?

Feb 6

So envious of people who look hot in scarves.

Feb 2

And then I ate some chicken salad and it made me feel better. Now I’m gonna see if I can write some Thicker than Water.

My restraint in not reblogging naked and half-naked women on my dash more often amazes even me. I might have to give them more exposure in 2013, no pun intended.

Fragments on Microsoft Word drive me crazy.

I’m going to bed in like a half hour so….

I finally finished and posted my new Rossi/Strauss fic, which makes me at least feel like I accomplished something since there’s no way I’m typing up the ten pages of the new AU that I scribbled at work today. Oh also…I ate a peanut butter heart. So go me.

When you scratch all over but never seem to touch that itch.

I’ve never written femslash with a strap-on. Tonight I go there. Wish me luck.

I’m going to have to get dressed to go out and get dinner later. I dont want to. I mean I want dinner from my favorite Chinese place but ugh, clothes. Still, I think food will win out in the end.

I just accidentally did a Wikipedia search on Wikipedia.