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I still laugh at the most random times, remembering that one of Rufus’ aliases was Luther Vandross.

Helen McCrory is really beautiful.  But there are pictures of her in the wrong lighting and omg…I’m not saying anything bad, we all have pics where we wish the angle or lighting would’ve been better or different.  But sometimes it looks like a different woman, or she looks 10 years older nearly.  I dont know if this is because the others might be Photoshopped…I just dont know.  It just confuses me because sometimes I’m not sure if I know at all how she looks, which woman she is.  Probably both but its more of a contrast with her than with almost any other actress I like and collect pics of.

Stay with me (this is what happens in my brain sometimes)

So I’m flashing through pics of Meta Golding on my hard drive, they’re saved as Jordan Todd, and then I went too far and clicked on the next pic, which was Josh Charles (who I so know is my new Benjamin face claim in the novel of doom) and oh shit! Meta would make a much better Anna than Gina Torres cuz as much as I love Gina I dont want her to be Anna because the character does some unlikable, triflin shit and I dont see Gina doing that.  Not that Meta looks evil but I think she can pull off the fucked Anna shit with a sexy, “who me?” face the entire time.  Plus, quickly flashing her and Josh Charles together….as characters they would be so good in bed and make beautiful babies.

So that’s settled.

Jul 8

Inwardly I bitch about the “Maxim-fication” of female actresses’ bodies and I get so tired of seeing them strump around in their underwear in so many magazine spreads, even the soc-called respectable magazines, even if I find them hot.  But sometimes I think how tragically unfair life is and the hot ass older actresses I love dont do lingerie type spreads (there are lots of respectable pieces of lingerie for older women) and I would give like a finger or two to see Jayne Atkinson or Marcia Gay Harden or Julia Louis-Dreyfus lounging on some big ass bed in a red satin nightgown or dancing while eating a lollipop in a tiny bathrobe.  So its like ageism and sexism rolled into one over here for me.

Jul 7

I just thought of this and laughed….

the white Michelle Williams.


you think you want to know something, or know someone, or be in on the joke, or hang with the crowd, or share that laugh, or feel what they feel (or what you think they feel), or have all the friends and attention, or change just a little to fit the mold/box/aesthetic and then you remember that you really dont give a shit.  But the thought still crosses your mind…you’re only human.

It’s a real struggle…..

to tolerate people today.

Thoughts that go through my head at any given time….

I just used the underwear I’m about to put on to clean the dust off my laptop screen.  I hope that’s not damaging to my vagina.”

Feb 4

I spend a lot of time thinking about what Erin Strauss smells like.