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You, madam, are the rare pair queen, and those of us who thrive on the niche ships are forever grateful for your generous productivity. *bows*


Aww yay!


I think I’ve begun and been writing more fics since I said I was about to retire from the CM fandom than I’ve written in months.  Its a good feeling but the plan remains.

Also, there are still some ships that havent gotten prompts if anyone wants to help a sistah out.  One ship, one word or phrase.  I know some of these ships arent people’s cup of tea, I get that.  But if I dont put it out there, I might miss something awesome.  So….





When you listen to your ship’s official song, which is kinda syrupy sweet and beautiful, it shouldn’t give you such smutty thoughts. At least one more pairing is taken care of for my “Final Fics” challenge.

Sep 7

The anon who loves my Hotch/Strauss stuff might hate me after reading my latest for the pairing.  I might have to put some kind of epilogue on it or something.  Dont know why it got so angsty, I was in a good mood tonight.

New Fic

Criminal Minds fic #1199.  One day, despite all the hell they’ve been through, Elizabeth Prentiss hopes she can have some semblance of a relationship with her daughter.  Dr. Tom Barton hopes for the same.

Aug 4



shipping an unpopular ship


shipping an unknown ship


otping something you’re pretty sure you’re the only one who ship it


Finding at least one other person to share it with


Aug 1

Oh shit, Doctor Tom and Elizabeth Prentiss just popped into my head.  Tee/Eee in the motherfuckin house!!!

Jul 6

I ship Toby/Ellie…..

because rare pairs have no problem making me their bitch.


"you can’t pair those characters together they’ve like never even talked to each other"

  • i never back down from a challenge
  • i’m sorry for your lack of imagination

Hotch/Prentiss and Rossi/Strauss are the only non-rare pairs that I ship, and when I started writing they were rare, and hated.  Its funny to me how something that starts off so “WTF?” can become the norm.