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deep-silent-complete said: Baby, I’m proud of you regarding the cigarette thing! I’m sure keeping a positive outlook will help you go through w/ this! Remember to reward yourself with some nice treat everytime you achieve a goal in this project! Much love! <3

Yeah, today wasnt as good a day as yesterday smoking wise but I just get up and start again tomorrow.  I really am taking it one day at a time and treating it like the real addiction that it is.  Nicotine is a powerful drug and everyday I dont smoke my old limit is a winning day : )

citymusings said: Fabulous gif usage. Congrats on the completion!

arathesane said: Congratulations! Love the choice of gif.;)

Thank you ladies.  I definitely thought there was no more appropriate gif in my folder and I’ve got a ton of them.  I feel like I’ve been writing this story since the dawn of time.

bowserbabe said: Wait what? What am I supposed to do?

Screenshot your home screen and locked screen of your cell phone, post it, and tag some pals : )

I would def be the one to write the “gets plastered and lets her hair down to everyone’s surprise” fics.
And I would read it, hoping to get laid by the seemingly boring to most other viewers character that I’m secretly in love with and this drunken on night stand begins baby steps in a relationship that inadvertently becomes the most popular on the show until the asshole writers kill one of us off (probably me for the extra manpain).

arathesane said: I have such a strong dislike for how Carolyn was introduced to be fridged that I usually can’t deal with references to those eps in fic, but I really liked this. The reaction is just so Rossi. And I love Erin’s entrance at the end.

I just posted a link to the whole story at my LJ comm if you are interested in reading it.  Tumblr was being a bitch tonight and I just couldnt handle it.

citymusings said: No, does Tumblr have a FAQ section that might answer your question?

I Googled it and got the answer I needed.  Never even thought to look it up at FAQs *facepalm*

I just wanted to let you know I think that "that dude's mugshot was nice to look at but i ain't giving him bank" is the funniest tag I've ever seen on this website and I'm still laughing about it.

Thank you.  I try : D

vc-forever said: One like is not enough to express how I feel about how you look. AMAZING!

Thank you so much.  When my hair is freshly done, I feel good about myself.  And I am really in love with the purple : )

Ahhhh so….I know tumblr can be addicting, ok wait ur hair is fine….lol
I have a hair appointment tomorrow to get it braided.  I’m excited because I’m tired of doing my hair every morning.

citymusings said: If you’re going to let them go, Sam and Jessie probably need a really sweet ending. Years down the road, when the last kid moves out or something. If you’re feeling it.

ZOMG, Clo, you are killing me.  I would probably cry all the way through it even though it would be a happy ending.  God, didnt this ship come out of nowhere and even though I dont always talk about it, they probably are my favorite favorite : )