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rebakitt3n said: i’m interested, please explain more!

OK, its kinda lame but I write this universe where Emily Prentiss is a teenage girl and Zoe is her best friend and they’re kinda obsessed with Hawkeye and Black Widow so I was thinking they would probably spend most of their summer after graduating from middle school writing a massive Hawkeye/Black Widow fic that basically takes everything back and is all about Budapest.  And I can see them going to the library and researching the hell out of Hungary and all kinds of other European and African locations and making it like this epic chase-fight-S.H.I.E.L.D adventure and in the middle of all of that he doesnt kill her and they become a dynamic duo who stops the bad guys and saves the world.  There will also be lots of coffee drinking, banter, and UST (between Clint and Natasha of course, not Emily and Zoe).

Its just a little tiny nugget of thought in my head that may never go anywhere.  But I love when great ideas like that come to me.  It might be fun to explore.

rebakitt3n said: I think that sounds okay and sounds like something a parent or parental figure might say.

Thanks so much, you really eased my mind : )

rebakitt3n said: Unless you’re calling yourself that, it would probably be an insult. If in the story Erin is ignorant (and teenage, probably) she may call her that or think that and be corrected. Hope this helps.

She’d quickly gotten over the initial shock that Emily wanted to kiss a girl she went to school with.  But the fact that she was doing it, this was really happening.  Erin was much more frightened about her daughter growing up than her daughter growing up queer.  This is the sentence.  Emily is a kid, Erin is an adult and this is what she’s thinking as Emily talks about her first experience kissing a girl…kissing anyone.  Does it sound too ignorant?

sententiousandbellicose said: Those are pretty great skills both. Very cool.

Thanks.  I am really falling in love with making pics on Microsoft Paint and  My dad has an old verson of Photoshop he promised to send me the link when I told him I was getting into digital art (he’s a graphic artist).  I’m stepping outside of my box, making my own screencaps and photosets and its just been a real blast.

berkshires27 said: If you don’t mind me asking, how do you pronounce your name? I ask because I am curious based on my own experience. People do not usually mispronounce my name but they do call me the wrong name and/or spell my name wrong quite often. Twice today even

Its easier to pronounce in hearing it than it is writing it.  But its Mon-teese, with the “teese” rhyming with the word peace and not pronounced like “tease”.  Hope that wasnt too over-complicated for absolutely no reason, as I can tend to be : )

rebakitt3n said: chicken? really? call me surprised!

I know right?  I talk about steak a lot.  But the truth is that chicken has like a million different things you can do to it and you can eat it everyday, which you should never do with red meat.  Steak is an awesome, delicious treat…chicken is a staple to your diet.

aregrettablehullabaloo said: Don’t mind me, doll! Just wanting for the Ambien to kick in, lol!

I just took mine, so I hear you.  There wont be any writing tonight but hopefully soon : )

arathesane said: Yeah, mine aren’t in order. Only one would be above any/all of the others( Nobody’s guessed him, yet, though I’ve repeatedly said he’s my TV fave of all time.) Made a list last night so I wouldn’t change it! Was hard to leave off several characters.

I havent seen your list but I would guess Omar from The Wire.  I didnt make a list, I think 10 is enough to give me a little leeway because I am sooooo picky.  But I know people wont guess some because I dont talk about them that much or they’re from really old shows or something.

applebottomclaudiajeans said: Absolutely. Also same here, I basically do anything Robin tells people to do lol. She’s such a phenomenal human being.

Me too.  If I’m able to help just one person then its totally worth it.  Robin has been at the forefront of this for years, since the breast cancer.  Its the least I can do since she still managed to entertain me every morning when she was at her sickest.  That takes strength, and grace.

ssahotch said: Tell me when you watch the end because it’s one of my favorite series finales! :3

I’ve heard that.  I stopped on the Christmas episode because I didnt know if I was ready to see Elaine Stritch.  I knew I would laugh but I also suspected I would cry and I didnt want to end my day like that.  I’ll pick up tomorrow.