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aregrettablehullabaloo said: Damn you’re good!

That was actually fun to write.  What an interesting scenario.  For all the AUs that have floated through my mind over the years, real events and otherwise, I’ve never thought about the Titanic.

rebakitt3n said: wow, that’s very cool! And Happy Birthday!

Thank you, thank you : )

citymusings said: Whatcha gonna get for your next one?

I’m getting ‘Sam’ on my right wrist in 4 days!

waywardangelsandhunters said: apparently i just tagged it with video, a mistake that was quickly rectified.

Sweet!  Watch it every day like I do, its a mood boost : )

waywardangelsandhunters said: i may or may not be looking in my cats tag to see if I tagged it rn to listen to it again

I tagged it immediately, knowing I’d want to watch it 50 times a day.

waywardangelsandhunters said: Oh no! I just saw that video a few days ago and now i’m gonna have it stuck in my head. it’s a contagious earworm

Its the stupidest, best song ever.  Seriously.

phantomas67 said: I just saw D.B. Sweeney and swooned:-)

Yay, another D.B. Sweeney fan.  I just adore him.

Apr 6

turtlewithatardis said: It’s probably to hide the porn on their blog. Nsfw and the like.

Nope, cuz sometimes I get tits and ass when I hover over a URL.  But when I hover and get a cat post, something about Jayne Atkinson, and a penguin and then I go to a blog and the first five pages are John Mellencamp, Anna Kendrick, Bible scriptures, and some anime…I’m a little boggled by that.  Where’s the damn cat posts?

Apr 6

arathesane said: Oh, I know she does it for you! She’s beautiful, she just doesn’t do anything for me for whatever reason.There are plenty of people I recognize are attractive, that I just don’t happen to be attracted to.

Lately I’m attracted to more people than I’m not, which is rare for me.  But with older women I seem to be in a place I’ve never been before…and I want them all.

Apr 6

aregrettablehullabaloo said: That’s an awesome assignment!

I’m gonna be like Yoda teaching Luke Skywalker the ways of The Force.  I dont think there are going to be many more things in life more important than this.