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arathesane said: Obviously, I knew the answer to one. I just wanted to see you write about her!

If I had all the time in the world I would probably devote it to writing about her, one way or another.

arathesane said: Mine don’t it make to 15 minutes. As long as they don’t burn my mouth, I don’t care. I like ‘em warm, anyway.

A half hour was good, those brownies were delicious.  They made me wanna sing a song.

rebakitt3n said: cool for an hour? it’s a guideline not a rule!

Damn skippy cuz I’m bout to go and cut them right now.  Half hour is good enough for me.

sententiousandbellicose said: "Sometimes writing is a job." I feel that. So many WIPs, so little motivation. I’ll be pulling for you. If you ever want to talk turkey, I’m all ears.

I love you for that, thank you.  Rarely do I have WIPs, I’m kinda blessed with getting an idea and my brain letting it flow through me like water.  So I’m a spoiled bitch.  And this story has been a WIP for probably close to 5 years so its gonna make me earn every bit of it.  41,000 and counting now so I’m not gonna let it get me.

werewolvesangelsandhunters said: I know that feel! this is exactly how I’m feeling with the graphics/icons.

How ridiculous is it to avoid doing things you actually want to do?  What is this bullshit phenomenon called?

arathesane said: I can’t believe you are still up! But I imagine you are going to sleep, soon.;)

I’m off work for the next few days, I go back Wednesday, so last night I was able to stay up for a bit and finally tackle some edits for In der Nacht Verschwunden.  I think I got in bed around one.

arathesane said: I think that’s good, it’s clear. Maybe cut the “even” before “graphic discussion”, only because it sounds a bit like an unnecessary qualifier. I tend to use them all the time, which is why I notice them.

Thanks for the advice.  I will drop the even and keep the rest : )

sententiousandbellicose said: Jason’s poor life. Man, do I miss this guy.

Yeah, Jason was dark and moody and that’s probably what attracted me to him.  I miss him all the time.  I know Criminal Minds changed when he left the show and became more of an true ensemble but I wonder how Jason would fit into the BAU now or how his life is doing outside of the FBI.  I wish they still talked about him, it would be great for the fans who loved him to know that he’s alright.

aregrettablehullabaloo said: You reveal my thoughts. i am so scared of what happens now! I wrestle the demon at least one a week. And yes, I am royally pissed at him!

My doc just put me back on my anti-depressants and I am definitely having more “not good” days than good ones.  I just keep fighting but that makes you tired and when your walls are crumbling it can come in and grab you by the throat.  And once there’s too much buzzing in my head not even my coping mechanisms can get through the fog to give me some semblance of comfort.

Today was hard as hell  and that was before I heard about Robin Williams.  I dont know what tomorrow will bring.

Aug 9

leonalansing said: It’s unfortunate - the lack of HoC fic in general. I wouldn’t have the confidence of finding their voices myself - they’re too complex!

I wrote a little something for you.  Complex characters are my favorite though I surely wont pretend that I could ever tackle Frank and Claire completely.