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rebakitt3n said: but at least you start on Wednesday! Almost the weekend!

True, and I’m getting my raise on Thursday.  The sad part is I know I’ll be low-balled but its been so emotionally draining I’m gonna takae the money and run.  He probably did this to me on purpose just for that effect.

resurrectionofannabellee said: does he know you’re in love with him?

Yes, I told him years and years ago.  He’s married, loves his wife and is faithful.  He’s been my mentor and rock since i was 16 years old.  He held me through some serious choppy, shark-infested water.  I own him my education and a large part of my sanity.  And no matter how hard I try I cant stop loving him.  I mean loving friends is what we’re supposed to do, right?  This is more than that but its not a sexual love either.  Its a romantic love, intimate and deep (we’ve known each other for 20 years).  He’s not leaving Julie, I’m friends with her now too, but there is something between us.  Its a bond that cant be broken…we found each other at the right time or some bullshit.  He is the great love of my life, the one the grand epics are written about.  He’s the one who knows everything and is still there…and he knows EVERYTHING.  I’m quite privy to much in his life too, I think we’re just each other’s objective third party.

And I’m rambling now cuz I took my Ambien but I love him.  And he loves me.  And I’m in love with him cuz I’m the hopeless type when it comes to things like that, and probably always will be.

aregrettablehullabaloo said: Damn you’re good!

That was actually fun to write.  What an interesting scenario.  For all the AUs that have floated through my mind over the years, real events and otherwise, I’ve never thought about the Titanic.

rebakitt3n said: wow, that’s very cool! And Happy Birthday!

Thank you, thank you : )

citymusings said: Whatcha gonna get for your next one?

I’m getting ‘Sam’ on my right wrist in 4 days!

waywardangelsandhunters said: apparently i just tagged it with video, a mistake that was quickly rectified.

Sweet!  Watch it every day like I do, its a mood boost : )

waywardangelsandhunters said: i may or may not be looking in my cats tag to see if I tagged it rn to listen to it again

I tagged it immediately, knowing I’d want to watch it 50 times a day.

waywardangelsandhunters said: Oh no! I just saw that video a few days ago and now i’m gonna have it stuck in my head. it’s a contagious earworm

Its the stupidest, best song ever.  Seriously.

phantomas67 said: I just saw D.B. Sweeney and swooned:-)

Yay, another D.B. Sweeney fan.  I just adore him.

Apr 6

turtlewithatardis said: It’s probably to hide the porn on their blog. Nsfw and the like.

Nope, cuz sometimes I get tits and ass when I hover over a URL.  But when I hover and get a cat post, something about Jayne Atkinson, and a penguin and then I go to a blog and the first five pages are John Mellencamp, Anna Kendrick, Bible scriptures, and some anime…I’m a little boggled by that.  Where’s the damn cat posts?