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ssahotch said: I really miss Elle. Before the show and characterization went to shit, she was such an awesome character and I miss her so much.

I love Elle, especially since I was watching it in first runs and experienced her, along with all the characters, as everything was coming to be.  I hated her season 2 storyline and characterization as well and dont feel compelled to have many screen caps of her, I wouldnt put her in my top 5 favorite characters, even though I liked her a lot in season 1.

applebottomclaudiajeans said: This is the best reply to a reply I have ever received oh my goodness. I’ll be on the next flight out. ;-)

applebottomclaudiajeans said: This is so random but I only ever write with black Pilot G2 pens! (.7mm) They’re the absolute best. Also one of my favorite poets, Nick Flynn, swears by them so yeah.

This is the sign I was waiting for that we are meant to be.  Immediately fly to Philadelphia and I will show you a life filled with cheese steaks, love-hating my job, living with my mom, and lots of cool bars where pretty girls go but you wont be looking at them because we are Pilot gel pen soul mates.  Take my hand Brooke…I can show you the world, shine and shimmering splendid, tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide……

Seriously though, best fuckin pens on the planet!

rebakitt3n said: Wow, I haven’t thought of Judith Krantz novels in forever, I stole them from my mom too! 1200 fics is a lot and I’m sure your next projects will be good and fun as well!

All the good stuff I smuggled out of Murry’s room because I was too young to read it but ready to move beyond the Babysitter’s Club.  But yes, I am so stoked to work on the novel and some of the novellas that I thought were good stories then and even if it turns out that I was biased and wrong, I will use my writer skills acquired and make them into something.  Its a bit of a scary adventure going back into original fic, which I havent written in 11 years (I went through a crippling two years writer’s block that I broke up when I discovered the National Library and found West Wing fanfiction) but just like I had to dip my foot into the fanfiction pool before jumping all the way in, I’ll have to do the same here.

Worse part about original fic for me is not having a place to immediately put it up and give it to voracious readers like you can with fanfiction.

rebakitt3n said: Wait - ending your CM fic career? No more stories? What do you think you’ll write about?

I cant say that I reject other CM stories coming to mind but they have nearly destroyed every part of the show and characters I love and when I even think about it anymore I get angry instead of happy or excited to let my pen change yet another canon screw up.  Plus this last fic will be #1200 and that’s a nice even number to go out on.

I think my next writing assignment is to put some effort into rewriting my novel.  I finally gave it a new name, Lifetimes and Aftermaths (its been Black, White, and Shades of Grey since I was in middle school).  Its an overbloated story with too many damn characters and by the end everyone has been married to each other and had kids and shit but its my homage to Judith Krantz and other 80s glitz books I stole from my mother’s room and devoured, even if I only understood about 3/4 of them.

So I have the novel and about 6 to 10 novella size original stories and I can take all the skills that made me a better writing fic over the last decade and might make something interesting enough to be publishable.  That’s not the be all, end all for me but I wouldnt turn away the opportunity if it came along and I know a couple of players in the industry so I might have a bit of help.

arathesane said: Obviously, I knew the answer to one. I just wanted to see you write about her!

If I had all the time in the world I would probably devote it to writing about her, one way or another.

arathesane said: Mine don’t it make to 15 minutes. As long as they don’t burn my mouth, I don’t care. I like ‘em warm, anyway.

A half hour was good, those brownies were delicious.  They made me wanna sing a song.

rebakitt3n said: cool for an hour? it’s a guideline not a rule!

Damn skippy cuz I’m bout to go and cut them right now.  Half hour is good enough for me.

sententiousandbellicose said: "Sometimes writing is a job." I feel that. So many WIPs, so little motivation. I’ll be pulling for you. If you ever want to talk turkey, I’m all ears.

I love you for that, thank you.  Rarely do I have WIPs, I’m kinda blessed with getting an idea and my brain letting it flow through me like water.  So I’m a spoiled bitch.  And this story has been a WIP for probably close to 5 years so its gonna make me earn every bit of it.  41,000 and counting now so I’m not gonna let it get me.

werewolvesangelsandhunters said: I know that feel! this is exactly how I’m feeling with the graphics/icons.

How ridiculous is it to avoid doing things you actually want to do?  What is this bullshit phenomenon called?