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All this time I’ve been looking for maps of 16th century Saxony and Bavaria for this story when all along the journey my characters will take will be almost entirely in Bohemia (Austrian Empire), which is modern day Czech Republic.  Why did it take me so long to figure that one out?

Jul 1

I’m on page 4 of my new fic idea.  We’ve reached the point where I have to go through an old fic to find the name of something because continuity is important to me. 

At least this time I know exactly what fic it is and where to find it.  The last time I had to do this I fell down a big old rabbit hole.  I found it in the end though.

Jul 1

I got a super awesome fic idea in the last throes of a pretty shitty day.  But I’m gonna have to do some research before I can complete it.  I’m still gonna start writing, I need a boost today like you wouldnt believe.

Looking for an old fic because you know it has the answer to the question in your new fic.

German friends….

Does Gone in the Night translate to “In der nacht verschwunden”.  What I love about the German language is that Google Translate is rarely right.  Its almost as bad as the Latin there.

If Erin Strauss had a Twitter account…

what would her screen name be?  I’m writing this story, and I love this story, but I’m a little stuck on a screen name.  She’s a 50something woman, she wouldnt have something I would have.  No BAUBabe or BureauBroad or anything like that. 

I want something that’s her but and OOC but also kinda her inner character and not just about her FBI character.  Like BlondeAmbition, the screen name I used in the online story with her and Dave.  OK, I’m gonna stop talking now and you guys give me suggestions.  Thanks : )

Every time I think I have all the information I need, I have to go back to for something.

I Google’d “black natural blonde hair” to do some research for my novel for possible rewriting.  I know its possible but I just wanted to look because if I change the main character from white to biracial then her children would change as well.

And while there were a good amount of images for me to peruse, it was still a bunch of white women with highlights and extensions that were blonde.  What the fuck, Google?  Nothing in my search said anything about white.  I was searching something quite specific so when the pictures you had representing the specific thing I asked for ran out, that should’ve been the end of the search.  Those white girls wasnt helping me none.


You can find a source for all these posts here (this is where I originally got it from)

For a post on the sand paper floor torture room

Apr 1

Random Geography Question for people from Germany

Yeah, I know, I really couldnt get more random than that : )

Can someone tell me what cities or towns you might hit traveling south from Wittenburg to Regensburg, crossing the Elbe River?

My amount of gratitude knows no bounds…the geography of the story I’m working on is the hardest part, even with some excellent maps.