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I’m gonna pick up my nephew in 90 minutes.  But before I do that I have to eat something and do some research on universities for a story I’m writing that may become a series but I dont know.

Fuck it, I went with karma and talked a bit about Buddhism, which is much older than this story so it balanced out.

The origin of the word karma is 1820 and too new to use in my story, in which I refuse to use anything past about 1650.  But what other word can I use for karma?  Do Muslims have something similar because the character is Muslim?  I’m gonna check out Google but if anyone has an answer for me, it’s appreciated.

How to Write Women of Color and Men of Color if you are White.


A colleague of mine was talking to me recently about her misgivings about her capabilities regarding writing Women of Color. She wanted very badly to include several WOC characters in her sci-fantasy series, but she had some concerns about correct portrayal and writing them in a way that wouldn’t instantly piss people off. I told her I would write something about it that might help. So, here we have it: How to write POC without pissing everyone off and doing a horrible job.

In general, it comes down to three things. Research, Persistence and Consideration. Also. for the point of this essay, I am going to use Black women, Native Women and Mixed Race women as they each represent different individual (yet very important) racial struggles that need consideration.

1. Research is by far the most important thing. EVER. For this example, I am going to use black women.

It is important to start by trying your hardest to forget anything you think you know about black women and black female identity. As a white person, anything you would know about them you probably learned from media that is not controlled by or monitored by black women themselves. Meaning that it is likely not a good representation of black women at all. Or maybe you just have a black friend.

Which you should consider in the same way you would a control group for a science experiment.

One or two subjects would not provide conclusive evidence in regards to any hypothesis. Having one or two or even five black friends can’t help you with understanding the complex history of black discourse….

In order to start from scratch, I would first spend some time reading literature written by black women for black women. Learning the way black women have discourse among each other is the first step to understanding their perspective AND emulating their voice. Literature is the genre of media where POC have the most liberty (unlike film) to discuss certain topics or parts of their identity.

Then, I would delve into “complaints”. There are thousands upon thousands of articles where black women complain about their portrayal in media. These complaints are both valid and often eloquently expressed. It is important for you to know, what things black women (WOC) are already so fucking tired of seeing in regards to incorrect or offensive portrayals of themselves. Not only will it help you avoid making the same mistakes as white writers before you (an example of this: Arthur Golden and the hot mess that is Memoirs of a Geisha), But it will also get you upset about certain ways black women (POC women in general) are portrayed, and make you want to write them better. This can improve your writing in that not only will you avoid being offensive, but you now have the chance to be progressive and kick stereotypes out the window! 

Finally, I would take some time to follow some tumblr blogs that are run by the group you’re trying to write. This part of the research can really help because you’ll get a first hand, contemporary dialogue about issues within the specific POC community.  Which leads me to my second topic…

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Sep 7

66,000 words in and I’m still battling myself over geography and distances.  Luckily many of these cities still exist in Germany and the Czech Republic so even though it took like 9 million years, the geography will be pretty fuckin close to accurate by the time I’m done.  My brain will probably also be a combination of Puppy Chow and Cup of Noodles.

Sep 3

One thing I will say is that even though I hardly get to use it in the text, one of my favorite parts of writing In der Nacht Verschwunden was learning more of the German language : )

Part #592,083 of getting this fic finished:

I have to research Unsubs and some other people from canon, like random characters, so I can fill in some of the blanks in the story.

Aug 5

OK, fellow CM fans.  I need a female Unsub who wasnt too overly sympathetic and not the girl from Hit/Run, Megan Kane from Pleasure is my Business, or Sarah Danlin from Jones.  If anyone could help that would be great…its for my fic.  I’d usually just research it myself but ugh, work is really busy right now.

Aug 1

Through pure perseverance, and a little OCD, I found an even better map of the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century that gives me all the cities I need for my fic and even more.  Yay!!!!!!  The geography is now done and I did it.

All this time I’ve been looking for maps of 16th century Saxony and Bavaria for this story when all along the journey my characters will take will be almost entirely in Bohemia (Austrian Empire), which is modern day Czech Republic.  Why did it take me so long to figure that one out?