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Apr 1

Random Geography Question for people from Germany

Yeah, I know, I really couldnt get more random than that : )

Can someone tell me what cities or towns you might hit traveling south from Wittenburg to Regensburg, crossing the Elbe River?

My amount of gratitude knows no bounds…the geography of the story I’m working on is the hardest part, even with some excellent maps.

I’m totally making up cities and towns in Germany for this part of the story.  I’ve got a good map but its not perfect and this is like 1560 so…I’m doing my best to make this work.  I cant let the geography fuck up what will otherwise be a good story.  Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to work the end.

Mar 4

I need to do more reading on transitioning from male to female for one of my characters.  Does anyone know of good websites or books that can help.  I’m writing a teenage character (18) who came out as transgendered to her male best friend at about 13 (do you say “come out”?).  She’s in therapy, a therapist who deals with young people in the process of transition.  She is on hormones but she’s not exactly getting them legally since Medicaid wont cover them and she has a part-time job.  She’s about to go under the knife for breast augmentation, maybe.

She’s actually one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever written but she’s surely opened my eyes to how ignorant I am on transitioning and transgendered issues.  Any help would be truly appreciated : )

Finally found a map of the area I’m writing about in my story that has the cities where the story takes place.  It took much persistence but Google finally came through.

Finally found a map of the area I’m writing about in my story that has the cities where the story takes place.  It took much persistence but Google finally came through.


The more research I do on the 16th century Holy Roman Empire, particularly in Germany, where my story takes place, the more it seems to contradict the information/research I got the day before.  I hate historical inaccuracy (to a point) but I know this story is going to be filled with it. 

I cant even find a decent map (or one with English translations) so I can figure out which towns these characters might hit during their travels between Wittenburg and Regensburg.  I need another duchy close by (or electorate, or hell at this point even a town) where Erin is the Duchess.  It needs to be close to the made up town where Megan and some other secondary characters live, between Wittenburg and the Elbe River. 

Spencer is supposed to be into geography (new in this era) and uses it to tag along with the big boys on this trip (he’s about 14/15) but I cant even give him knowledge to spout because I’m finding it so difficult to nail places down.  And I’m done complaining now.

I’m learning a lot more German words as I write this.  It was always a language I was fascinated with anyway, and have used in other stories.  But this one actually takes place there so I get to use what knowledge I’ve built and learn more.

My research for my story kinda hit a snag when I found out that the Thirty Years War was in the 17th century and not the 16th.  That didnt make me happy.  So there will be some historical inaccuracies, which should surprise no one.  I’ll put it all in the author’s note because I need that war but also need the story to be closer to the Reformation and the Counter Reformation.  Why?  Because I like it that way, and the story takes place in what is Modern Germany, where Martin Luther lived his life.

Other than that, at least one more scene written and two in my head.  I also have to figure out how I can injure a guy pretty severely and not kill him in an era when a paper cut can kill you.  More inaccuracy I guess.

Getting my Research On

I got myself together enough to do some research tonight.  The story will take place between the Duchy of Saxony and the Duchy of Bavaria (about 150 land miles) in the late 1500s, after the Reformation and the Thirty Years War that devastated the area.  Most of the royalty, characters from Criminal Minds, will of course be made up.  I’m working now on the waterways in that area so I can know the routes good and bad guys have to take in the journey to get the kidnapped princess back.

There will be small villages as they make their way through the two duchies and I’m probably going to use real German places or at least real German words on the places I make up.  I need to go Unsub shopping for the rest of the bad guys since there will be about 6 major ones used and I’ve only named Frank and Raphael.  I’ll also need other smaller characters, Sarah Morgan will definitely play a significant role in this fic.

Now that I have some information, at least the terrain doesnt seem so strange.  And if I want more I know where to research instead of having no damn clue.  So maybe it might be this story’s time after all.

One thing though, if anyone is reading this and has a good grasp on German history, what gods would be part of what they learned before the Holy Roman Empire took over.  Would they be Roman, Greek, Norse, a combination of all?  I know a certain god is going to figure heavily into this story and I want to make sure I get the mythology correct since so many other things will be on the fly.

Any help is surely appreciated.

I should be researching my story but instead I’m making Alex Blake screen caps.  Priorities.

Oh yeah, now I remember why I didnt want to write this story.  Its not the plot or the characters, both of which I find fascinating, its the time.  I think I’m writing about Europe in the 1500s but I’m that good with the geography but better with the history. 

I have to figure out where I want this to take place, somewhere near what was then Saxony, mostly because I have some German characters.  I know transportation was mostly horseback then, and walking for the extremely poor.  The area is mostly forest with large palaces and smaller villages surrounding it.  The good guys kinda live like Robin Hood, in the forest.  The bad guys too but the big, bad guys live in palaces. 

How far can people legitimately get on horseback in day?  Where are the waterways and other obstacles that would obstruct their course.  I can make some of this stuff up and let the reader know I’m doing that, but in the end accuracy (to a point) is quite important to me and I dont want it to be a bunch of made up stuff that turns out rather senseless. 

This is going to take a lot of research and a lot of time.  And now I have to decide if the story I want to tell, which is kinda awesome, is worth the extra time.