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Sometimes I read old OTP fics that I wrote. Rossi and Strauss say the best stuff to each other.

“Fuck you.” Erin said, knowing he was smirking without even seeing his face. She still hadn’t moved out of his arms. He was still inside of her.

“You just did.” He said. “Even with biased scoring from the East German judges it was still an 8.7.”

New Fic

My Heart Burns There Too.  I’m starting to love my OTP in this universe though I always love my OTP.  There’s something about this Erin….

I’m reblogging this because I know if you’re a Rossi/Strauss shipper you can totally see them having this conversation.

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I have no need of half of anything
No half time, no half of a man’s attention
Give me all the earth and sky
And at the same time add a new dimension
Half the truth is of no use
Give it all, give it all to me
I can stand it; I am strong that way
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Jul 6

New Fic

katiekat47 wanted a fic where Erin nursed Dave through a sickness.  I always get happy when someone sends me a prompt, asks for a story, or inadvertently gives me a great idea, especially for my OTP.  So I wrote In Sickness, and a Little More Sickness.  I hope she likes it and I hope you guys do too.

Jul 2

New Fic

I wrote a sequel to Pleasure is my Business because any excuse to write my OTP in the throes of a passionate, banter-filled love affair will always be a good excuse.

Jul 1

The more work I have…..

the more I want to stop it all and write Rossi/Strauss smuffy fanfiction.


these two don’t even need words i swear





New Fic

When I started it at about 3 this morning a little loopy on Ambien, I thought it was gonna be some smut.  But I got too sleepy to finish and what I read in the morning gave me a completely different course to turn the fic.  It’s my OTP thought and sometimes that’s all you need.  I Hope people enjoy it.