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New Fic

The Security Breach was inspired by recent cell phone hacking and leaks of nude photos of female celebrities.  They’re not the only ones who like to take intimate pictures with their phones.

I’m writing a new Rossi/Strauss “Funny Face” story.  These two, sometimes when they start talking they dont want to stop.

New Fic

This new Rossi/Strauss fic is based entirely on an entry I saw on the Humans of New York blog.  I’ve never been inspired like that before but I love this little story.

LightLeadingMe put this video on Youtube and it changed my life.  Scoff if you want to but not only is it my OTP and extremely well done, but the song is so fuckin beautiful that it made me cry.

Oct 8

Every Billy Joel song on my iPod is Rossi/Strauss.  So is every Anita Baker song, every Toto song, and all the solo Sting stuff.  I didnt do this to me…they did this to me.

Oct 7


The majority of every Rossi/Strauss fic I ever wrote will soon be on AO3 (I have about 55 in drafts right now).  I left a few out, just balls of fluff or little insignificant ficlets, but the rest will be there for all to enjoy.  Next I have to work on Hotch/Prentiss.  Most of them are so old I probably wont bring over the majority.  But some are really good and I want to have all my best stories in one place for me and for people who like them.

Oct 5

I know….

that it was probably the best, and least time-consuming, idea at the time, but OMG, how silly was it of me to post a story or two from a whole series on AO3 and not to post the whole thing when I opened my account 3 years ago. 

I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me with this project.  I just posted When We’re Together, which is the first Rossi/Strauss “canon” series I wrote after getting bitten by the Strossi bug in 2010.

Next I’ll be doing Hotch/Prentiss’ fiftysomething and Gideon/Prentiss’ Coming Around Again.

Oct 5

I just imported my first ever Rossi/Strauss stories, the AU series Gentleman Prefer Blondes, over from LJ to AO3.  If you’re a fan of the ship and havent read these, this might be something else you can enjoy.

Oct 4
The quote is from Jeff Bezos and I thought it was a perfect fit for my OTP.

The quote is from Jeff Bezos and I thought it was a perfect fit for my OTP.

Oct 1

New Fic

The Taser Effect is written in the Immediate Family universe.  I enjoyed writing this one because the banter is on point.

I have about 3 more fics to edit and post and 1 to type.  I’m too tired to do it all at once.