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Rossi & Strauss + Negative Space requested by arathesane

Rossi & Strauss + Negative Space requested by arathesane

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Aug 8


I don’t know I’m probably screwed; I’m probably going to ship this.

(lol I’m kidding I already do; middle aged assholes who snark at each other are sort of an issue)

(there’s lots of AU fics where she doesn’t die that will help me with this, right?)

(I’ve completely spoiled myself FYI) 

(but damn girl get in his face) 

New Fic

Diamonds, Dresses, and Dragons is my OTP in the universe where Erin is a madam and Rossi is an FBI agent.  I really enjoy writing them here, I’m a sucker for “how they began” fics…I just need to come up with a name for this universe.

Handerson is next I hope.  Cross your fingers.



Handerson and Strossi goodness is on the horizon! Y’all got me using portmanteaus, which I normally loathe…that’s how much I loves these people!

New Fic

OTP, OTP!!!!  The Weekenders is in the Immediate Family universe and Dave and Erin still find time for some romance while raising kids and having very eye-opening conversations about parenthood.

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Sometimes I read old OTP fics that I wrote. Rossi and Strauss say the best stuff to each other.

“Fuck you.” Erin said, knowing he was smirking without even seeing his face. She still hadn’t moved out of his arms. He was still inside of her.

“You just did.” He said. “Even with biased scoring from the East German judges it was still an 8.7.”