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New Fic

I wrote Sam and Jessie in canon with spoilers for Route 66.  I wished the whole wide world loved this pairing as much as I do.

I wrote a Sam/Jessie fic and its not syrupy sweet but its fluffy and banter-y and even a little angsty.  Even more than that…its canon!  Fuck yeah! *karate chop*

Why do Sam and Jessie always have to be so syrupy sweet in my head? Why can’t they be angsty, smutty, angry, something other than happy and kinda boring? I love them so much but wish I had more of a variety in their storytelling.

Sam and Jessie are so damn perfect when I write them in fic that they’ve practically reached Mary Sue/Gary Stu status…and this is my “I dont care” face.  They are perfect in my head, it doesnt matter to me if they’re unbelievable.  They’re the perfect love story in my head, the ideal, the fantasy, the fairy tale.  Ups and downs and trouble and even death, nothing can destroy how they feel about each other or how I feel about them.

When you love a ship so much that while they don’t literally make you cry there are so many damn feels that you can barely hold them all in…and no one else cares about their awesome loveliness.

As if I don’t have enough going on, I really need to write some Sam/Jessie. I miss them.

Oct 1

I really, really, really want to write Sam & Jessie. Talk to me dammit!!!

Mar 2

This Sam/Jessie scene in my mind doesnt really fit into the story I’m writing but I want it anyway.  I love this ship and dont get to write them enough.  Plus I need a break between two Hotch scenes and a time jump.  And I’m just making excuses but I dont even care.  I’m writing it.

Sam would never ever cheat on Jessie but I need to write this story anyway. I dont even know if I can but they kept me up until 2 a.m. this morning talking in my head. It has such potential to be amazing but I hardly feel like writing. C’mon hands, do something!!!

Characters in my Head

Got an amazing Sam/Jessie idea last night from a pic on Tumblr and they dont often come to my brain. But I’m too tired to write or type a lot today. I want to cry because if I lose this idea I will be an unhappy camper.