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I struggle with the fact that we may have countless seasons of Criminal Minds to come but never have another Erin Strauss screen cap.  Or Alex Blake.  What kind of shit….?

I have a million and one reasons to be pissed off about my OTP but the top 2 (at the moment) are that it was their last episode together and they couldnt sit next to each other on the plane or have that last flirty (and really OOC) moment in the police station in the same screenshot so that ravenous fans who’d gotten NOTHING for years would have something to work with and remember them by after the unnecessary slaughter.  That’s all I’m saying (today).

It’s selfish, and useless, to think this way but I wish my OTP had more screen time and more screen caps.  I think they were so amazing together.

It’s not easy to find caps of Morgan and Strauss but the few I have, I love.

Jun 3

135 total Alex Blake screen caps saved from Season 8.  I’m officially in love.

arathesane said: I know, I wasn’t going to cap her death scene but Hotch holding her … just got to me. Not sure if I’ll do the whole ep but I need to make some of Hotch/Beth and Sean. Along with more Erin and Dave. Eventually I will get to the rest of the BAU.

Honestly, the Rossi/Strauss screencaps are all that matter to me…and Hotch/Beth of course, cuz those are my ships.  I actually didnt even see her death scene and I never want to but I might have to watch it so I can use it as the jumping off point of her not dying in fanon.  I dont know if I can do it.

arathesane said: Haven’t capped much of it yet - did them late last night so they’re somewhat crappy -…

Ugh, these just made me weepy again.  I need to save them and make some art work or write some stories about them.  So many feels.


OK, now I’m going to get my day started.

I know I’ve submitted like 10 great caps to criminalmindstfln.  Now I just wait for them to post them.  Its actually a lot of fun and kind of addicting.

True Story

What am I most excited about in the Criminal Minds finale?  The possibility of Rossi/Strauss screencaps.  Come to mama.