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ALEX: Hey, you.
JAMES: Hey. Next time I decide if I want to keep working at Doctors Without Borders, please shoot me.
ALEX: What country are you in right now?
JAMES: Right now, all I see is sand. So, South… Sandistan, I think.

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Blake, #6, 8x22

Mar 1
Alex Blake, #6.

Alex Blake, #6.

Season 8.

Season 8.

Rewatching some Season 8 because OMG I LOVE ALEX BLAKE!!!!!  Skipping all the Replicator stuff and just watching her be fuckin awesome.

Feb 8

 Aaron Hotchner ~ Season 8

Aaron Hotchner ~ Season 8

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Hotch: Erin, he’s stalking this team. No one’s gonna give it up.

Strauss: I know that, and neither will I. But the cases are piling up, and they need to be cleared, so the director no longer thinks that his best unit is dropping the ball.