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I’m just getting around to Season 7 of 30 Rock…totally worth the wait.


Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss

Criminal Minds - Season 7 - Hit/Run (2012)

S07E10 - The Bittersweet Science

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Behind the Scenes


Erin Strauss in the field

Criminal Minds, Season 7, Hit/Run

What slays me about this scene is Emily and Ian go at each other like an old married couple who are clearly in love but have their issues with each other.  Some people might not agree but he gives everyone in the FBI his ass to kiss and then Emily Prentiss walks into the room.  He thought he killed her a few months back, thought she deserved it, and she walks into the room.  She starts asking him questions and he just answered all of them.  They bantered back and forth, she basically told him he was talking shit and he was a piece of shit, and he tried to justify things he did to her, but in the end he gave her every bit of information they needed to save Declan’s life.

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Bellamy Young on Criminal Minds

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