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Jun 1

berkshires27 said: Top 5 ships ;)

Of all time?  OK…

CJ/Leo -The West Wing

Rossi/Strauss -Criminal Minds

Jack/Claire -Law & Order

Hotch/Prentiss -Criminal Minds

Margaret/Bruno -The West Wing

Gideon/Prentiss would totally get the sixth man award on this because I loooooooove them but just not as much as the first five.

Also, I’ve noticed that the stories I write that have more detailed sex scenes get less hits on AO3.  I cant decide if its because I’m not as good as I used to be writing it if no one gives a damn about my really rare pairs getting it on as opposed to writing Rossi/Strauss or Hotch/Prentiss, or even Gideon/Prentiss.

Criminal Minds ships that I ship…canon and otherwise.

Dec 8


I see posts of characters I love but they’re shippy so I dont feel comfortable reblogging it because I dont ship it. I just love the characters.

Sep 9

I hate portmanteaus but I was just lying here and started giggling thinking about Hotch/Garcia shippers calling their ship “Gotcha”. LOL, I need to stop eating Skittles. I’m high on sugar.