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My new shirts arrived today and I’m so excited because they all match the three skirts I just had made.  So looking forward to picking them up on Thursday.

Saw a super cool knockoff bag today while I was in the bank.  If its a good price, I’m going for it.  I have enough designer bags, I aint mad about a knockoff.


So it turns out I dont just design and order tee shirts when I’m sad, but when I’m happy too.

I need a support group.

I want to wear them all to Wizard World Philly but that’s not very logical now, is it?

I’ve been in this weird, in-between phase with my feelings lately.  Not bad, not always good, but just in the middle.  This feeling has made me create, and buy, many new tee shirts to ease my whatever.  When I get the next two in the mail (which will be my last for a while, scouts honor), I’m gonna do a Tumblr fashion show for you guys.

Why does have 23 plus-size women graphic tees and 143 mens?  That’s fucked up.

When I’m depressed or out of sorts, I buy tee shirts.  I own a lot of fuckin tee shirts.

I probably shop in the Dr. Martens store so much because every single girl who works there is cute.  Am I horrible for waiting for a woman to wait on me and then flirting with her mercilessly?  Oh well, I’ve surely been worse.

I spent all day with the fam.  Target and BJ’s this morning, a hour at home to rest and eat, and then took the Nephew of Awesome to my grandma’s.  While I was out and about I got two pretty solid fic ideas and more on the kidnapped princess AU that I started, stopped, restarted, and stopped again like 2 years ago.  Good Saturday so far.

I ordered my new Baby Girl tee shirt today as the last one, which was in my size, looks like I was trying to wear my little sister’s shirt.  And I noticed how in the tee shirt section it said “women might want to order a size smaller”.  No, this one really, really doesnt.  I ordered my own size and the shirt barely fit over my breasts.

Oct 4

When did straight leg pants/jeans come back into style and how long do I have to wait for them to go away again?