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Why does have 23 plus-size women graphic tees and 143 mens?  That’s fucked up.

When I’m depressed or out of sorts, I buy tee shirts.  I own a lot of fuckin tee shirts.

I probably shop in the Dr. Martens store so much because every single girl who works there is cute.  Am I horrible for waiting for a woman to wait on me and then flirting with her mercilessly?  Oh well, I’ve surely been worse.

I spent all day with the fam.  Target and BJ’s this morning, a hour at home to rest and eat, and then took the Nephew of Awesome to my grandma’s.  While I was out and about I got two pretty solid fic ideas and more on the kidnapped princess AU that I started, stopped, restarted, and stopped again like 2 years ago.  Good Saturday so far.

I ordered my new Baby Girl tee shirt today as the last one, which was in my size, looks like I was trying to wear my little sister’s shirt.  And I noticed how in the tee shirt section it said “women might want to order a size smaller”.  No, this one really, really doesnt.  I ordered my own size and the shirt barely fit over my breasts.

Oct 4

When did straight leg pants/jeans come back into style and how long do I have to wait for them to go away again?

Successful shopping trip today.  Went to the Dr. Martens store and got a pair of the 3989 Brogue (which I’ve wanted since I could first afford the shoes) and the Farrells for everyday wear.  Fuck Chucks, which I’ve spent $150 on in two years but they keep busting.  I spent $200 and with the other pair of Docs I have I wont need to go shoe shopping for like four years.

I just ordered my new laptop.  With the whole package plus a messenger bag, the new one was still almost $400 cheaper than the last one I got.  Now lets see if it will also play DVDs without the whole computer freezing.  I’m in the process now of coming up with good names for him now.

Apr 8

$45 for a tee shirt and a poster.  Shemar Moore better be glad I love him, I want to give to charity, and I buy myself early birthday gifts.

I just designed my own Team Strauss tee shirt on Cafe Press!

I hope its not lame.