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Here are my tweets in all of their glory (for some reason, no matter how I edit it they look so small).  The truth is, whether Jayne tweets me back or not I will still love her.  I know she is a busy woman who loves all of her fans.  I’m super hopeful, but my entire birthday doesnt hinge on it.

If it happens though, you guys are never gonna get me to shut the fuck up about it.  Fair warning.

When I was a little girl I decided I was going to Bryn Mawr because that’s where Katharine Hepburn went.  Then I got a little older and decided to go to Vassar or Sarah Lawrence because smart, independent women had been going there for over a century.  In the end I decided to go to Bloomsburg because I finally just wanted to be me.

❀ about me ❀


name: Montiese.

age: almost 36.

birthday: April.

zodiac: Taurus.

single or taken: Single.

height:  5’8”.

eye colour: Brown.

middle name: R.

favorite color: Maroon.

lucky number:  45.


hogwarts house [x]: Ravenclaw.

favorite fictional character:  Of all time, no way I could do it.  Erin Strauss right now.

favorite television show: The West Wing, Criminal Minds, Law and Order.

favorite season:  Spring.

describe yourself in a few words:  Writer, friend, foodie.

future children’s names: Salome for a daughter Riley Neal for a son.

meaning of your name: Spanish for mountains, its the feminine form of the male name Montez.

ultimate otp: Rossi x Strauss.

what do you plan to/do for a living: I’m a proletariat.  I run the AR Dept for a property management company.

starbucks order: caramel brule latte, I only go at Christmastime.


introvert or extrovert: Introvert.

dawn or dusk: Dusk.

righty or lefty: Righty.

coffee or tea:  Coffee.

rain or shine: Rain.

reading or writing: Writing.

(Source: banditswan)

Apr 9

I’m skipping Criminal Minds tonight (they gave away a lot in that sneak peek) but let me know if its good so I can download on the weekend.  I just got in about 15 minutes ago from drinks and grub with Paul (also known as cute former work guy).  He got a new apartment, had been living at home, and you wanna know the first thing he said to me…”you can come over and we can do a TV show marathon”.  This guy isnt my boyfriend (he really isnt), he’s my life mate.

Apr 3

Sometimes I worry that I’ve surpassed my usefulness at this job.  Its challenging, dont get me wrong, but the environment is so toxic.  I keep my mouth shut and my head down.  I spend more time here than I do anywhere so that’s kind of become how I live my life (mouth shut, head down).  Has my fear of change (and job interviews) kept me chained to a place I dont belong?  I know there is more I can do here, more goals to accomplish, and I’ve certainly learned so much…but do I still belong here?

Today, after 7 years and 4 months of putting up with more bullshit than I can shake a stick at, I finally gave my boss a little information pamphlet that I printed off Tumblr (thanks!) on anxiety disorders and distorted thinking.  And I said to him “I want you to read this, I want you to really read it, think about things you’ve said to me over the years, think about things I’ve said to you and have been dismissed, and realize this is what I go through every single day of my life”. 

Damn, it felt good.

I constantly have some kind of crumbs in my cleavage.

I need something awesome to happen in July, like getting laid or married, because the cool stuff per month keeps adding up.

April: my birthday, probably my raise (yay!!!)

May: Maleficent in theaters

June: Meeting Nathan Fillion *swoon* and the whole Wizard World awesomeness!

July: not sure yet

August: Def Leppard-KISS show, probably with Paul!!!!

Gif Folder Challenge


8th Gif- Sense of Humour

16th Gif- Attitude Towards the World

23rd Gif- Love Life

13th Gif- Social Life

30th Gif- Ideal Life

1st- Your Future

10th- Your Past

18th- Your Present

35th- Your Future Partner

2nd- How the Same Sex Sees You

27th- How the opposite sex sees you

15th Gif- How you see yourself

20th Gif- What your Parents are like

26th Gif- What your Kids will be like

5th Gif- What you Neighbours will be like

11th- Last Day on Earth

9th- Sexual Preference

3rd- Emotions towards Music

21st Gif- Favourite TV show/Movie

Mar 9

Things that make me happy

breakfast, gel pens, characters in my head, cartoons, pie, a good song, rainy days, sleeping in, big cups of coffee, hugs, sexy shoes, dancing with my nephew, books, hoodies, the sound of Neal Slone’s voice, tee shirts, animals, nail polish, tumblr.