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I’m a music purist (and have accepted the word snob).  Nine times out of ten, I prefer the original version of a song to the multitude of covers that can come out over years and years.  I mean how can someone say you’ll love such and such’s version over Judy Garland’s or whoshewhatsis’s version over the person who wrote and originally sang the song?  But there are times when a cover is more powerful than the original. 

I wish I could explain but hearing a song that gives you fuckin chills and you’re wondering how you ever existed without playing the damn song into the ground and you find out its a cover and you rush to the original because you’re a purist (snob) and you’re all like “hell naw son, naw this cant be” and you cradle the cover version and whisper that you will never love the original like you love it.

OK, Open Arms is officially a Handerson song and I’m officially a shipper and a goner (as if you guys didn’t know that).

Work is totally interrupting completion of Handerson #13. I hope to have it done by the end of the week since next week is insanity. In the meantime the boys have 3 songs and I think Anderson’s first name might be Geoffrey.

Handerson doesn’t have a song…they have two songs. And here I thought the first story would be a one-off for a friend. LOL, no. Send help.

For some reason my mood changed to something that made me have to listen to Toad the Wet Sprocket’s All I Want.  I used to listen to it on repeat in high school when I wanted to put a pillow over my face.  I’m not depressed right now, maybe a little sad, but I needed to hear it and feel better…or at least something different.

Aww shit, Erin and Derek have a song. Its on and poppin people!


I think I know Erin and Mark’s wedding song. OMG, Iove it!

Erin/Mark songs so far:

Been in Love Before: Cutting Crew

Soul Provider: Michael Bolton

Against All Odds: Phil Collins

I Will: The Beatles

I Dont Want to Live Without You: Foreigner

You’re officially a goner when your little rowboat gets songs.  They’re now officially a ship.

Sep 1

That glorious moment when you hear your ship’s song for the first time.

resurrectionofannabellee said: The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band will always be THE song for Erin and David. Can’t tell me nothing.

Erin and David have so many songs but I think THE song (and of course I’m about to name 2) are Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion and Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay-Z.