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Apr 6

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I was shocked to see that I’d written about Spencer Reid in 45 fics (out of 499) on AO3.  I dont even care for his character all that much.  Now I’m going to filter it so i can see just what I write about him.

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Wait, Spencer Reid? Was it mpreg? Or gender swapping?
It was mpreg, written by ragcat on LJ.  He’d been assaulted and got pregnant.  In this universe there were only some men who could get pregnant so he was even more of a freak.  Then the local sheriff arrested him for murder because he found a body.  Hotch sent Derek to find out the real story since he thought Morgan might be able to get Spencer to open up since they had both been molested by someone they trusted.

rebakitt3n said: considering you don’t like him, this is nice!

There is a Spencer Reid, between the ages of 7 and 11 that lives in my head and I do love him, a lot.

SSA Alex Blake with her BAU teammates.