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Mar 1

Writing long hand is so damn awesome but I’m hardly at the middle of what could be a lengthy story.  Now I remember why I reluctantly gave up the gel pen for the keyboard.  Still, its been amazing kind of going back in time…older story, older method.  I’ll surely write a few more scenes that way before getting off the nostalgia train.

New Fic (yes, two in one day)



I promise to stop rambling on and on about my fic as soon as I say this.  The Station Agent, my Rossi/Strauss songfic is posted.  I usually dont ask people to read my stuff, and I know songfic can be kinda vilified, but if you’re a fan of this ship I would love to know what you think of the story.  This is one that flowed out of me so quickly I dont know whether to be excited or frightened about that.

Full disclosure #1: I skipped over the song lyrics. Full disclosure #2: I wanted that phone to ring so badly that it made my chest hurt. I became Dave to the point where his hope brought up feelings in me that for my own self preservation I keep buried. And this is why I read your stories, even your songfics.

The song lyrics are amazing, you should check out the song one of these days apart from the story.  Secondly, your comment is exactly the reason why I write.  I know the things inside me are what other people feel too and I need to get it out and then they read it and we can connect with each other on the deepest levels.

Dec 3

Girl Talk is my 500th fic posted on AO3.  The stories keep going and going…

If my math calculations are correct, which is never a guarantee, I’ve written 209 Rossi/Strauss fics since the idea of them first popped into my mind in March 2010.  They are my OTP, they are my love, but have the least amount of fic of my top 3 ships in the fandom (Hotch/Prentiss, Gideon/Prentiss, Rossi/Strauss).  I think that’s just because I started them nearly 2 years after the others.

Mar 5

Reading concrit on a years-old story from a person I no longer communicate with.  Its over here making me teary-eyed how much she loved the writing but also how she wasnt afraid to tell me the best ways to make it better.  I really miss her.

Feb 4

New Fic

Derek and Ellie Spicer still have an awesome relationship.

Feb 3

New Fic

It Happened One Summer, my 1950s gangster AU with multiple pairings but starring Rossi/Strauss, is finally complete and up at AO3. It also features Hotch/Beth and Emily/Ian. Wow, its done and its posted. I feel like my brain needs a nap.

Feb 3

Today has been a super awesome and successful writing day.

Feb 2

I have no idea where it came from or if I’ll write it but suddenly there’s a Spencer in my head with an OFC, not a love interest but a possible new friend and whoa, that kind of thing never happens to me when it comes to that character.

Feb 2

New Fic

Hotch, Miranda, and a Helping Heap of Charlotte is the Beth meets Sean story that popped into my mind. Thanks rossileo08 for just telling me to write it.