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Could you guys please tag your Criminal Minds pics (spoilers or not) with at least the character names?  I have stuff blacklisted and it would be so helpful for me, and surely others.  Thanks a bunch.


Can people please stop going on about how black female characters need to stay single so that they can be strong and independent and your beacon of feminism? Stop. Seriously stop that shit. A black woman on the show being the only one to not be in a romantic relationship is not progressive. It’s not empowering. It is not empowering to turn on a tv show and see that character constantly be in the background when everyone else falls in love. Not when you’re constantly having studies coming out saying that black women are the least attractive, least desirable, and least likely to be married among their counterparts. Saying you need to see someone be single and proclaiming that it has to be the black female character is gross. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

Can some gracious soul tell me where I can watch or download the new Doctor Who episode, preferably watch?  Please and thank you.

is it shitty for a white person to say "I like your hair"?






You can like someone’s hair. I don’t think anyone is gonna be upset by you telling them their hair looks nice.

Just don’t be extra about that shit and don’t ask if you can touch a black person’s hair unless that’s like your best damn friend.

and don’t follow up with “is it yours?” “is that your real hair” or any variation of that bullshit.

Omg yes! Don’t do that shit.

Black people are more than capable of growing long hair. And even if it’s not their hair, it’s none of your damn business unless yall cool like that.

Aug 3




I’m white and I hate my hair. But I will not be denied a job for my hair. I will not have random people wanting to touch my hair. I will not be asked if I have a weave. I will not be kicked out of school for my hair. I may hate my hair, but will not be persecuted because of if. White people do not need the natural hair movement.



Damn, I love you guys

and I miss you though we never met.  I love you guys like whoa.  Seriously, you’re there for me when no one else is.  Ass early in the morning or in the middle of the night, you’re there.  You read my stories, laugh at my silliness, listen to my words, validate my thoughts and feelings, and make me feel like the space I’m filling is worth begin filled and how the hell do you even put all of that into sufficient words.  I wish I could.  I wish you knew.


my loves


my loves

Jun 7


I don’t get the hype about Rihanna.

Jun 4

Extra special shout out to the two people who went and hit up You Give My Life a Hope That’s Real.  I dont know who you are but I love you.



Here, have some Ming Na



Here, have some Ming Na