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Oct 3

How come more people havent read Thicker than Water?  Not that I can choose a favorite story, or even one that I think is the best written (and this surely wasnt my first de-aged fic) but this fic is close to the top of my list of best stories I’ve ever conceived.*

*and thus ends my pimping for the day (most likely)

The song Paradise City will always evoke the image in my head of 13 year old JJ, 10 year old Spencer, and 8 year old Ashley jumping on couches and metal thrashing.  Music is such a powerful thing.

New Fic

It’s been a while since I wrote Thicker than Water fic.  Now that’s rectified.

New Fic

I will always be attracted to the dark, twisty awesomeness of Megan Kane.  In some universe, she and Aaron Hotchner get to be happy.

I just finished my Hotch/Megan Thicker than Water fic, its nearly midnight, and I need to go to bed because 6a.m. comes earlier than a motherfucker.

Goodnight Tumblr.

I actually finished my Thicker than Water story but I need a good edit because I’m not sure it makes sense at all.

Oct 6

One of the suckiest things about being a writer is to have a scene playing in your head so perfectly and knowing its totally awesome and you need to share it with everyone in the world but knowing you’ll never write it because its more a visual than anything else.

I see the kids, after having a bad day and kinda hating the world, putting Baba O’ Riley on blast and just kicking the world’s ass.  Jumping on couches, playing air guitar, singing along, knocking over a chair or two.  But how could you even write that?  Its so damn beautiful in my head and impossible on paper.

This might be the first Thicker than Water fic I’ve written that wasnt specifically Hotch/Megan, where Emily doesnt show up at all.  She’s the glue in those stories but I didnt need her this time.

New Fic

Big Brother is Watching is my 1080th Criminal Minds fic, and my 119th in the Thicker than Water universe, my AU where I write the BAU team members as kids and older teens.  Wow, it just keeps going and going.

Sep 4

I mentioned Gordinski and Morgan having a history in the first Thicker than Water fic.  As I walked to work this morning, he came back.