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Aug 2

Writing Quote – Barbara Kingsolver


Writing Quote – Barbara Kingsolver

Jul 8

I have a title, On the Eighth Day, and I have little glimmers of a plot but not much yet.  Its rare that the title comes before the story.

May 4

After a string of inspired fic titles, my brain has run dry.

I was so excited to have a title for my story when it was halfway done.  Of course, now that its finished I dont think the title fits anymore.

Apr 6

Thank you brain, for somehow still coming up with titles after 1161 Criminal Minds fics.

Feb 3

Every title I’m coming up with for this fic sounds like a bad porn film.

rebakitt3n said: I can take as long to find a title as to write a fic! Painful!

I thought I had plenty of time, which I did, and then I looked up and the time went by and the fic was done.  Well the first draft is done but the fic is done enough for a title.  They either come to me before I write the story, and inspire the writing, or torture my soul way after the story is done.  I’ve decided no song lyrics this go round but I havent given up on maybe finding in a poem or quote.

ssarossi said: Why not just name it that?

Because last year, when I had no idea that this fic would ever exist, I gave that title to another story that takes place at Christmastime.  I just have so many damn fics that finding titles, which has never been easy, has reached nearly impossible.

My Comfort and Joy AU still has no title.  Ugh.

Jan 3

Decided to change the ending of my Comfort and Joy AU. I’m not going to use the original end of the movie. I know how I want to end it, I just have to make sure its not super cheesy. Murry says it has to be a little cheesy since the entire concept is, but there’s cheesy and there’s super cheesy. Also, a title would be nice. I still got bupkis on that.