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Apr 6

Thank you brain, for somehow still coming up with titles after 1161 Criminal Minds fics.

Feb 3

Every title I’m coming up with for this fic sounds like a bad porn film.

rebakitt3n said: I can take as long to find a title as to write a fic! Painful!

I thought I had plenty of time, which I did, and then I looked up and the time went by and the fic was done.  Well the first draft is done but the fic is done enough for a title.  They either come to me before I write the story, and inspire the writing, or torture my soul way after the story is done.  I’ve decided no song lyrics this go round but I havent given up on maybe finding in a poem or quote.

ssarossi said: Why not just name it that?

Because last year, when I had no idea that this fic would ever exist, I gave that title to another story that takes place at Christmastime.  I just have so many damn fics that finding titles, which has never been easy, has reached nearly impossible.

My Comfort and Joy AU still has no title.  Ugh.

Jan 3

Decided to change the ending of my Comfort and Joy AU. I’m not going to use the original end of the movie. I know how I want to end it, I just have to make sure its not super cheesy. Murry says it has to be a little cheesy since the entire concept is, but there’s cheesy and there’s super cheesy. Also, a title would be nice. I still got bupkis on that.

I need a title for my new Handerson fic but if I refuse to go to sleep until I have one, I could be up for a very long time.  I’m going to stick with song lyric titles because it works and usually they’re easier.

In looking through my fic on AO3 (I need to stop doing that), I’ve found like 3 titles that I used for 7 different fics.  Damn.  They were years apart in some cases but I guess that’s what happens when you have 1100+ fics.  Being original after awhile is impossible.

I dont even care if I use song lyrics too much, I’m still gonna name my Strauss/Morgan universe Who Wants to Live Forever since they’re immortals.  Its cheesy but it works for me.

If I name my new AU I’ll Take Manhattan, do you think Judith Krantz would be offended?  She was one of the first writers I read that made me think I wanted to do it too (tales of a radically unsupervised childhood) so I owe her that much for what could be my last AU in this fandom.  Right?  Its the title that keeps coming to my head and I push it aside and it comes right back like “fuck you, pay attention to me” and now I am.