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100,000 posts!

100,000 posts!

POST #100,000!!!!!!!

I love y’all!  I love all of y’all.  Those I follow, those who follow me, the people i’m lucky enough to interact with everyday and those I speak with once in a while.  Thanks for giving me questions to questionnaires and reading my fics and caring about the pictures I post of my nephew and always showing Jayne so much love when I do.  Thanks for getting me into shows and books and movies and comics I had never considered.  Thanks for letting me be myself through 100,000 posts and still finding me remotely likeable.  And thanks for all the good thats to come in the future.


My favorite thing about tumblr is following peoples personal storylines. Like when somebody I follow finally goes on a date with the person they like or comes out to their best friend or finishes a huge homework assignment I am literally on the couch pumping my fist and being really happy for them

Break time!

Work is another ass-kicker, I think its gonna be this way all week.  So I decided to say to hell with it for 15 minutes and come on Tumblr.  Hi guys!

Jul 6

I wish….

women of color were more subjects in a lot of these cool photo sets I see on Tumblr.  We like to buy flowers, fix our bikes, read books and drink coffee, dance in the rain with our kids, get sexy in bed with our partners, wears Chucks and concert tees, be sexy and cool while doing something normal, boring, or non-descript.

Unless I’m on a blog specifically about women of color, the default is still white.  That’s the standard and its one that some women (thankfully) are never going to live up to.  Hipster blogs, photography blogs, cute girl blogs, skateboarding blogs, shopping blogs, soft grunge blogs, just a fuckin girl blogs, naked blogs, friendship blogs, book blogs, foreign cities are awesome blogs…find these women.  They are there and being massively overlooked.  And while I love the blogs devoted to us, it would be nice to see more of us in the Tumblr mainstream.  Black, brown, yellow, red…we’re out there and not hard to find.  Most of the time we’re just ignored, which is the real tragedy.

Jul 4


a person’s personal blog is their personal space where they can talk about whatever personal things they want like if they want to make fifty posts in a row about how much they love cheese or take pictures of every cat they see and post them they can do that because it’s their personal blog

Jul 2

Adding new blogs and meeting new folks.  I see many blogs I like but dont follow if the blogger doesnt tag.  I have a healthy blacklist and without tags any and everything can just get through.  So know that while I would never ever tell a blogger how to do their thing, its your blog to rule, I rarely follow blogs that dont have some kind of tag system.


tumblr island would be the farthest thing from a judgment free environment and would probably be the cause of a couple dozen murders and an unintentional reenactment of lord of the flies

The awesome/sucky part about late Saturday night Tumblr is that I’m always like 15 minutes from going to bed and then someone posts something (usually imagineyourotp or any kind of headcanon post) that makes the characters in my head start chattering and then I’m writing fic at 3 in the morning usually already having Ambien and god knows what I’m gonna wake up to in the morning.

When you see a post that you really think is cool but you arent fond of the original poster and dont want them on your blog.