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I’m at the end of the story, so of course I have no idea how to write it.


10 bucks says that “some amazing news coming out of the CM camp” is about the new agent (or that they’re not bringing anyone new and sticking with the old team)

Maybe A.J. Cook is gonna don wigs and play like 3 new JJ’s because the character is just that badass.  Some fans would accept that before a new female agent.  I hope the producers leave well enough alone.

Random though in my head this morning

Ugh, to hell with the CM writers for relying on that tired ass trope, never even brought up or hinted at and surely never to be brought up again to write Alex Blake out of the story and somehow still make it all about Spencer.  What a crappy way for a really awesome character to go out.

Somebody on the internet is misinterpreting my favorite character



The road to hell is paved with good intentions

…and unfinished fanfics.

Jun 5

I know that Erin had to be a Supervisory Special Agent, and most likely a Special Agent in Charge, but I hate that they never gave us her rank on the show.  Some of the things they left out were just ridiculous…how hard would have been to throw that into the mix?


Someone want to tell me why the majority of the “steak” tag right now is fuckin desserts and chocolate?  I scrolled down pretty far, getting madder the more I scrolled.  No Steak Saturday tonight because that was ridiculous.

At this point I would seriously pay someone to cap the rest of season 9 so I can get my Alex pics and dont have to sit through any of it.

Why the hell do they make these people’s lives so miserable and full of death and sadness and fear and horribleness?  Will someone please, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKIN GOD, tell these writers that shit storms and quicksand arent the only ways that a character will grow and there are plenty of human beings who come from pretty regular lives, or who’ve had a few tragedies happen, that become strong, badass, well rounded, awesome, ass-kicking humans. 

I’m so damn tired of seeing endless mounds of misery heaped upon fictional people’s lives and it either gets nothing but a sound bite (cuz its some shit you just came up with on the fly but its in their past and we dont need to talk about it that much so its cool) or not even addressed at all after happening and is then used to slowly show them break down and eventually fade away.

Naren Shankar: And now here’s a big moment. The amount of controversy it generated was immense. 

Ken Fink: The shot coming up, the number of cuts we did of this particular moment were legendary. How long we held it, how close to a kiss we allowed it to go… I think this was actually a pretty good balance.

Shankar: I think it was too; I mean the idea was, if you’re gonna play the moment, you have to play the moment. It’s that, you know, they’re obviously attracted to each other and to just go past it would have been bogus. Anybody in real life, in that situation, would have held that moment.

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