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Does anyone else remember that Hotch and Haley were divorced for 2 years before she was murdered and that she walked out on him while he was out in the field and took his child and he came home in the middle of the night to an empty house and then she sent him papers for an uncontested divorce, which is hella insane with how long they’d been married, the assets and property accumulated, and the human they shared?  I’m not saying it was all her fault and not his, he damn sure needs to take some of the blame for the demise of their marriage, but the writers treating them like the greatest love story ever all after the fact is nausea-inducing to me.

Oct 3

I really wish I could understand the BAU’s nearly petulant child need to stay together. You’d think they’d be happy to see each move on and up instead of clinging to each other in clearly unhealthy ways, even sabotaging supposed loved ones chances to expand their horizons.

Thoughts about Criminal Minds #100

Something that never quite sat right about this scene from 100 below (and so many other parts of the episode that followed).  She could call JJ to find him because he wasnt signing the divorce papers soon enough but she couldnt call her when some random stranger called and said Hotch was dead.  IDK, wasnt she aware of how cunning Foyet was?  And I would figure her and Sam Kassmeyer had more of an Eraser-type relationship, you know “I work alone”. 

The whole thing just never worked for me…Haley seemed way too inactive in her own protection and that of her son.  I know, its the unpopular opinion, I just always think that when I see this episode.  More and more things just come to my mind that make me say “no way in hell”.  I know Aaron would’ve protected her from most of what he did all day but seriously Haley, dont you watch TV?  She seemed so clueless and that was not OK.

Feb 2

Let’s Be Honest Together



Fill in the blank

I am sometimes afraid to admit that I don’t like BLANK. I don’t hate it, or dislike people who like it, I’m just not into BLANK.

I’ll start…


Classic literature. 

Pride and Prejudice. Its my least favorite Austen novel and none of the move adaptations moved me. There are probably a million more things I could say but this was the first that came to mind. Probably because I love all the other Jane Austen novels so much and that seemed to be the most loved.

Jan 5

I woke up with this in my head and had to write it down

I think the writers have pushed the Morgan and Garcia storyline too far over the seasons, and with the way Penelope has treated Kevin lately it seems almost ridiculous for them to get back together at this point. But the idea of the two of them just doesnt seem real to me…its like that fantasy and when you want it so bad and you get it its never what it was in your head. Anyway, if they were a couple and flirted and bantered in that same tone that they do now I would be more concerned they were putting on a show for people because something wasnt there.

And I happen to like Kevin, as a guy and a character. And while I think he could definitely stand a few major changes in his wardrobe that has nothing to do with his personality and his smile and you can talk all you want about Morgan in a towel but I’ve seen Kevin in one too and he was no small shakes. Either way it would seem a little screwed up that Penelope would jump in and commit to Morgan after being with Kevin for four years and turning him down flat (or should I say stringing him along because I’m supposed to believe they’re still sort of together after that ridiculous stunt she pulled in Season 7).

While I’m sure all of this Morgan/Garcia stuff is a publicity stunt for the network, just when you think it is its not and that worries me. I would never begrudge anyone shipping them to their heart’s content, but I do not want them as a couple. I’m not saying I’d stop watching the show, because Criminal Minds is about soooooooo much more than ships (canon or not so much) to me and forever will be, but the fantasy world they’ve created around these two characters doesnt really hold (for me) under the glaring lights of reality.