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We didn’t even have Spring this year, we had Winter, second Winter, and jumped straight into the fucking sweat of Satan’s ballsack. 

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We’re getting 6-12” of snow Sunday night through Monday evening. I may have a three day weekend. I still want winter to end.

Feb 5

I’m still in bed.  Called my job to say I may be there but may not.  Conditions are pretty treacherous on the roads and sidewalks.  They say temperatures are going up and the ice under the rain will melt some but there will still be dangerous spots.  I walk so I’m not trying to go out like that.  I hate winter.

Feb 2

I hope everyone in the Philadelphia area enjoyed the weekend temperatures in the fifties.  Its going back to 30s and snow all week.

Half day at the plantation today due to snow.  We will have somewhere between 8 and 14” when its all said and done.  Glad to be home and I’m thinking about napping.

If the weatherman turns out to be wrong (again) about my all day Sunday rain I’m gonna be peeved.  I’m looking forward to the perfect excuse to relax.

Dec 8

Snow from my porch today.

Dec 8

We were supposed to get a coating to an inch in Philly today before switching over to rain.  Right now we’re at about 4 inches and its still snowing.  It’ll switch over to rain…eventually.

Nov 5

I have a tendency to love writing about Erin soaking wet in a rainstorm. I don’t know what that’s about.

There’s a tornado warning in my area but its not close enough for me to get out of work or anything.  So fuck you, tornado warning!