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Spent my day watching some movies from my childhood (Superman, Superman II, The Omen) to see if they held up.  And I live tweeted them.  I need to spend more Sundays like that.

I have two fics, one completed and needing to be typed (Sam/Jessie), one with just the beginning written out (Hotch/Beth).  So of course, while sort of high on Ambien before sleep last night Rossi/Strauss came to me so I started typing (cant wait to see what that says this morning) and as I was waking up, Derek and Ellie started talking.  Its gonna be a good weekend : )

I have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning, get my hair done at 8, which should take about 4 hours, come home and chill for a minute, pick up my nephew at 2 to take him to visit my grandma for a couple of hours, come home, and then collapse.  Did I mention tomorrow is Saturday and its supposed to rain all day?

*gif not mine

If the weatherman turns out to be wrong (again) about my all day Sunday rain I’m gonna be peeved.  I’m looking forward to the perfect excuse to relax.

Weekend Plans

Taking my nephew to see Santa for the first time (unfortunately my sister cant go now because she has strep throat).

Finishing Handerson #13 & #14.  Also finishing the Morgan/Strauss, I’ve been working on the last couple of paragraphs for like 2 weeks.

Finish cleaning my living room and dining room for Christmas.


Wrap gifts.

Grease my scalp (I should’ve done it days ago).

Organize all my clothes and put them away.  Probably do another two loads of laundry.

Buy a gift for the dumb office Pollyanna.

Nov 8

I had a mofo of a week.  It was only four days since I was out sick on Monday.  I am still sick BTW, I was swamped with first of the month billing, and then starting Wednesday some serious catty, Mean Girls-type drama went down that surely will resonate until the end of the year.  OMFG, I was ready to kill everyone.

But its over now and I have two days free (I’m not off Monday for Veteran’s Day).  I can do whatever I want with my two days and that will include catching up on Castle, Season 5, enjoying some barbecue Fritos, finishing the Thicker than Water fic that caught me up today, writing some more Dave and Erin (though in the Erin/Mark universe), and definitely drinking plenty of coffee and wine.  Also Neal Slone loves me so there’s that.

Bring on the weekend!!!

Go to imdb + check the episodes of Supernatural my favorite recurring characters are in + go to Netflix + watch = hell yeah Sunday!

It’s been such an amazing weekend writing and I’ve had a blast.  I’m still taking prompts if anyone wants to throw me one.  Rossi/Strauss, Hotch/Beth, and Gideon/Prentiss.  Of course gen fic with the characters is good for me too, as long as its not the Strauss-Blake confrontation…I have no idea how that’s going to go.

Dec 9

I really want to type up another fic but I need to get back to my hair…and the laundry…and like 15 other things that I’m not possibly going to get done tonight. And here I lay goofing around on Tumblr. What else is new?

Dec 8

Five tabs open….I’m using one.