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Words, Real


A patron came in looking for books for her child who is learning to read.

I showed her the Easy Reader section and gave a few recommendations, ending with Dr. Seuss.

Patron: “Oh I don’t want Dr. Seuss. He uses made-up words. When you’re just starting to read, you should only read real words.” 





19lbs baby born in Indonesia:


Ain’t no way. The baby would just stay in me until it grew up and I eventually became my child.


Mar 5

Bitch you gon call me ugly when you're fuckin BLACK? Lmaoooooo shit son you ugly by default the baby Jesus gave you some bad cards in your hand in the game of life like shit I can be pretty if I don't make faces but you'll always be a dirty jiggaboo. Go find some bleach and lemme know when you fix that nasty complexion of yours. Y'all look like a pile of dog shit.





lets not play this “game of life”.

I win you lose

Bitch, you tried it..LOL

Feb 9

Tumblr booted me out, which rarely happens, and then wouldnt let me back in.  I use a couple of different passwords and none of them were working, which is weird.  I had to reset my password.  If this turns out to be some bullshit I’m gonna be so mad.

Feb 9

Blacklist Issues

Sherlock is one of my blacklisted words but now I’m not getting posts from people I know never post things about BBC Sherlock and it will say “post containing Sherlock” but it’ll be from someone I know never posts about that show so I’ll click it and it’ll be Supernatural or the Old Spice Guy? 

What the fuck Tumblr savior, I’ve gotten twenty posts today blacklisted for “Sherlock” that had nothing to do with Sherlock and it wasnt written anywhere in the post or tags.

Oct 6

Really fuckin boggled as to how The Concept disappeared from my iTunes and my iPod. I had to rectify that shit.

How Your Pajama Bottoms Start Slipping off Your Butt when You Haven’t Moved for like Three Hours…and other conundrums

The more pics I see for this Route 66 episode, the dumber it looks. I trust Virgil as a writer but Haley, Foyet, and 40s?flashbacks just have cheeseball lame written all over them.

I’m watching Poltergeist on TCM.  You know JoBeth Williams’ character was high as a damn kite when she thought it was cool to slap a helmet on her kid and let her slide across the kitchen floor when she had no idea why it was happening.  What the ever loving hell was she thinking?  We would’ve been packing our shit with the quickness.

Why the hell has Criminal Minds not been renewed yet?  All the other shows it was mentioned with in that tweet are most likely not going to be.  How can like 11 million people or more watch per week and we have to wonder if its going to be here next season?