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Professionalism is a funny term, because it masquerades as neutral despite being loaded with immense oppression. As a concept, professionalism is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, imperialist and so much more — and yet people act like professionalism is non-political. Bosses across the country constantly tell their employees to ‘act professionally’ without a second thought. Wear a garment that represents your non-Western culture to work? Your boss may tell you it’s unprofessional. Wear your hair in braids or dreadlocks instead of straightened? That’s probably unprofessional too. Wear shoes that are slightly scuffed because you can’t yet afford new ones? People may not think you’re being professional either.


Why I’m Genderqueer, Professional and Unafraid, by Jacob Tobia (via wertheyouth)

Wear oxfords instead of high heels and not be overly fond of skirts-“you need to be more professional”.  The way the so-called manager in my office uses that word makes me want to shove it down her throat.  That’s why I’m getting purple braids this weekend.  Let’s see how they like that.

I overslept so hardcore this morning.  I dont remember the alarm going off or anything.  Next thing I know ninety minutes have gone by and Murry is coming in to make sure I’m alright.  So, I had to come back after 5 days off with that ick feeling of over sleeping and being discombobulated.  Oh well, I’m here and lets do this.  Proletariat…fuck yeah!

rebakitt3n said: Good luck, at least you’re coming in the middle of the week!

Short weeks tend to feel longer to me.  But there is plenty for me to do do the plan is to keep my head down and do it.  And I’m training the new girl who’s taking over the eviction work so I’ll do that as well.


Of course I didnt want to go to work today but I took Friday off and thought I was ready to go back and get it done.  I got there at 8:20a.m. and proceeded to spend the next five hours listening to bitches hack and cough and sneeze and clear their throats and probably pass a shitload of pathogens throughout the place, especially since the vents suck and it just circulates old ass air.  Let me tell you, if you want to know how long it takes for continuous hacking to strip you of your sanity, I would say three hours (though some are surely stronger than I). 

I went to my boss and told him I was leaving at 2.  I did a half-day, got a lot done, and I couldnt stand another moment in that place.  I have to find a way to build my mental levels back up so I can deal with the BS.  Its not the job, which has its moments but I can normally handle, its like the two assholes there that I cant stand, who do next to no work, and always got some shit with them  (and happened to be the people coughing all day).

Anyway, I’m home in my pajamas now, where its quiet.  I’m gonna put on and take a nap.  Fuck Mondays.

Break time!

Work is another ass-kicker, I think its gonna be this way all week.  So I decided to say to hell with it for 15 minutes and come on Tumblr.  Hi guys!

Jul 1

The more work I have…..

the more I want to stop it all and write Rossi/Strauss smuffy fanfiction.

Work has been so knockdown, drag out busy this month that I rarely have time to go on Tumblr during the day (I manage to keep up on Twitter because its easier from my phone).  I miss you guys.

Jun 9

When things are insane at work and I dont even have a few minutes throughout my day to cruise Tumblr and talk to you guys, everything just feels so off-kilter.  I miss you guys.

Apr 9

I have a very busy day planned at the office but Erin Strauss is feeling amorous. Amorous Erin Strauss doesn’t like being ignored. So I will be multi-tasking.

Apr 5


Work stuff behind cut.

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I dont see the point of a review without a raise of some sort though I certainly am not trying to get rich from working my job.  I do work extremely hard though, in a stressful position, and I often feel that management would rather see my fail than succeed.  I recently asked for a significant pay raise, which I feel would finally get me on par with my education, experience, and what I do at my job.  Let me tell you its been a week since I’ve asked and all of a sudden the way I breathe in that office is a problem.  I got reamed out for spending the last 15 minutes of the day yesterday chatting and laughing with a co-worker, even while i was still in my cubicle working. 

My boss said to me, and I quote, “you’re asking me to step up so I’m gonna make sure you do the same”.  No douche canoe, I’m not asking you to step up (I wouldnt use that term anyway).  I’m asking you to stop undervaluing and lowballing me, which you’ve been doing since I walked through the door almost 8 years ago.  I’m not in a specialized field, I dont have tons of letters behind my name or an Ivy League education but for every boss who has the apology ready because they wish they could give more for your workers, there’s 3 bosses waiting to screw you up the butt with no Vaseline after getting the most work out of you that they can.

Sorry for the rant but all of this happened just in the last five work days.