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Apr 9

I have a very busy day planned at the office but Erin Strauss is feeling amorous. Amorous Erin Strauss doesn’t like being ignored. So I will be multi-tasking.

Apr 5


Work stuff behind cut.

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I dont see the point of a review without a raise of some sort though I certainly am not trying to get rich from working my job.  I do work extremely hard though, in a stressful position, and I often feel that management would rather see my fail than succeed.  I recently asked for a significant pay raise, which I feel would finally get me on par with my education, experience, and what I do at my job.  Let me tell you its been a week since I’ve asked and all of a sudden the way I breathe in that office is a problem.  I got reamed out for spending the last 15 minutes of the day yesterday chatting and laughing with a co-worker, even while i was still in my cubicle working. 

My boss said to me, and I quote, “you’re asking me to step up so I’m gonna make sure you do the same”.  No douche canoe, I’m not asking you to step up (I wouldnt use that term anyway).  I’m asking you to stop undervaluing and lowballing me, which you’ve been doing since I walked through the door almost 8 years ago.  I’m not in a specialized field, I dont have tons of letters behind my name or an Ivy League education but for every boss who has the apology ready because they wish they could give more for your workers, there’s 3 bosses waiting to screw you up the butt with no Vaseline after getting the most work out of you that they can.

Sorry for the rant but all of this happened just in the last five work days.

Apr 3

Sometimes I worry that I’ve surpassed my usefulness at this job.  Its challenging, dont get me wrong, but the environment is so toxic.  I keep my mouth shut and my head down.  I spend more time here than I do anywhere so that’s kind of become how I live my life (mouth shut, head down).  Has my fear of change (and job interviews) kept me chained to a place I dont belong?  I know there is more I can do here, more goals to accomplish, and I’ve certainly learned so much…but do I still belong here?

Should I do the five or so mini projects on my desk, which might take a little more than half my day, or should I just fuck it all and write this fic in my head?

I’m staying home today.  I was hoping to make it into work but between the first of the month whooping my ass all last week and losing that hour over the weekend, I need a little breather.  I think its a good idea.

March has come early to the Cubicle of Doom.

March has come early to the Cubicle of Doom.

Half day at the plantation today due to snow.  We will have somewhere between 8 and 14” when its all said and done.  Glad to be home and I’m thinking about napping.

Jan 9

Tough day at work, anxieties kicking my ass like a muthafucka.  I just left.  I’ve been there so long my boss even knew what was wrong, and told me I always have to put myself first (which I already knew).  So now I’m at home with blankets and cocoa and Tumblr and there’s just one more day to this wretched week left.

Dec 5

I’m writing gay teen AU fanfiction in the lunch room at work.  No, I really dont feel like telling you what my story is about.

Dec 3

Work shenanigans, so many checks to input, Handerson fic, after work drinks with former cute work guy, relaxing ride home, pajamas, cheesesteak for dinner, Erin fic…and that’s Tuesday.