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I’m a Write or Die chick.

I’m a Write or Die chick.

Feb 9

That strange feeling after you’ve written three or four stories and your brain just feels drained and there are little ideas, like spider veins, trying to creep around the surfaces but your brain keeps fizzing them out like, :go away right now, I’m kinda beat”.  Yeah, that’s where I am today.

Jan 1

2013 in Fanfiction

This is always such fun.

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Nov 4

Checked my email before bed and there were 15 different comments to various Hotch/Beth and Hotch/Rossi stories on AO3.  I’ve felt like crap all day but I can tell you I was just smiling so hard it made my face hurt. 

Guess what?

I only have to write 15 more fics to reach 1100 fics written in the Criminal Minds fandom.  And yes, I do realize that shit is bananas.

arathesane said: It’s funny because with AUs I either have no interest/don’t like them at all or I fall in complete love with them. There’s very little in between for me with them. Think this one will be an AU that I love!

AUs are my favorite to write I think because I can combine my favorite established characters with a whole new world.  Its like can they survive being themselves in this universe as opposed to the one they were created in.  I love the challenge.  Plus, anything goes and as a writer that’s hard not to love.  I really hope this story flies, I dont need it to be an epic like Soulless.  I just want it to work the way it does in my head.

Jun 1

When I dont want to kill Erica Messer with my bare hands, I’m usually posting pics and fangirling her because I love her as a writer and she’s fuckin adorable.

I have a friend on Twitter who wants to interview me for his writer blog.  I always talk about my stories there.  I dont think he has any idea that I’m a fanfic writer.  Not that there’s a damn thing wrong with that, and I love it, but I dont think he would want to interview me if he knew.  That’s fine, I’m just not sure how to break it to him.

Its bedtime, so you know what that means…three story ideas blazing to the front of my brain.

"A REAL Writer…"


I’ve heard a lot of opinions over the last couple years on what does and does not make one a “real” writer, and frankly it’s getting a little annoying.

“A real writer doesn’t need inspiration.”

“A real writer writes every day.”

You know what a real writer does? A real writer writes, and feels a need to do so.

That’s it.

There are writers who need a little bit of inspiration via prompts and photos now and then, and there are writers who can jot down a story on the spot, no matter the subject. There are writers who write diligently every single day, sometimes even on a fixed schedule, and there are writers who don’t. That doesn’t make one writer more talented or more worthy of publishing than the other.   

If you have days where you just don’t feel like sitting down and typing up a story, that is perfectly OK. Those who write should feel welcome in a community of other writers, not be ostracized or vilified because their methods are different.